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Saqib Diar
Hello folks, Hope you all are doing great, I created multiple apis using node.js in which i get studentId from the req.params, now how frontend developers will deal with that id??? mean how the front-end dev will pass that id in the params/url??
Jordan Harband
wtf is “chain-code”
4 replies
@ljharb its same as smart contract
Carharwhip Investment
Helo folks am creating a trading space and app on carharwhip.com
Jordan Harband
do you mean blockchain stuff? I’ve never heard it called “chain code”
What this place good for ?
Jordan Harband
what is any place good for
what is a good place for
Shubhashish Verma
hi all! anyone tried upgrading husky, lint-staged for a node 14 to 16 project? im running nvm for windows and seems husky is unable to run linter as pre-commit hook
Jordan Harband
I’d avoid using husky; auto activated git hooks are a security risk
6 replies
It’s not really either-or. I like commit hooks because it’s annoying to push changes and get an email notification saying your PR does not pass because of a trivial formatting issue. I’d rather “shift-left” that part of the workflow so the feedback cycle can be 100x faster.
Of course, you need CI as the ultimate enforcement of standards.
Jordan Harband
that's totally fine! as long as you explicitly install those hooks yourself (but you want prepush hooks, not precommit hooks, since precommit hooks mess with the frequent rebasing you should always be doing)
Carharwhip Investment
Please i need to teach me more on node operations
I'm starting my backend journey with node js, mongo db, and i intend to look at SQL db(s) too. I'd like some mentorship, advice & resources, if possible thank you.
1 reply
Lauri Ojansivu
@doniecliff I recommend looking at SQL databases only, and not mongodb or other nosql db. I'm in progress of migrating away from mongodb.
SQL queries are much easier for making reports etc than Javascript queries mongodb uses
And mongodb takes much more disk space than sqlite
mongodb also takes much more RAM and CPU usage

Hello, node. I have a question. when I installed node.js in my laptop for the first time, I think this repository source code about node.js is installed in my laptop.

So I wanna find out this source code path in my laptop. anyone help?

Jordan Harband
@Evan-Baekdu i'm not sure how to answer you. you can have node but not necessarily have any of node's source - that's the most common scenario.
John Manko
Does anyone know how node determines a how to load a worker thread (commonjs vs module)? Is it based on the existing process, package.json, or file extension? I've got a server app that written in Typescript which is compiled down to *.js files. I then bundle using webpack (which has it's own problems), eliminate the package.json with final dist. This results in
import { parentPort, workerData } from 'node:worker_threads';

SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module
btw, the webpack bundle ext is mjs
Jake Conkerton-Darby
Hi, I'm looking for some help. I have a node 14.15.1 React app that I'm in the process of upgrading dependencies for. I upgraded our version of Wretch and I now need to make an import from wretch/addons/queryString that I didn't have to before, and node is complaining that it cannot find the module despite me being able to see it existing within VSCode and VSCode even offering type completion for that import. Could I get some advise on how I can fix my import issues?
Milena Torres

I am using FileReader to transform a URL into base64 format but it gives me this error: Error: cannot read as File: {}

Do you know how to correct it?

Hi guys
I would need help on this project
is there anyone good at NodeJS and JS?
Gunvant Sarpate

Hi there!

I've built a simple boilerplate generator for Node.js, and Express projects.
Here is the GitHub link: https://github.com/gunvantsr/expressgen

Would love to hear any suggestions or feedback :)

Siddharth Ashri
Иван Bomjara
Best one-night stands 🥵💦💦🆓🔞👉 https://is.gd/xtop1
Hi there
does anyone know how to use the server
I downloaded and modify it but I don't know how to add it to server and test the game
Did you follow the instructions under development?
im new I don't understand it all
1 reply
I try to modify this game and think it work but no way to test it
it need to be linked or sync with server
Did you follow those instructions ? Did an error occur, if so can you share it
Do you even have NodeJS Installed ?
I use netlify
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6:35:03 PM: Failed to compile.
6:35:03 PM:
6:35:03 PM: ./src/HelpModal.js
6:35:03 PM: Attempted import error: 'bastoni' is not exported from './cards.js'.
6:35:03 PM: ​
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6:35:03 PM: "build.command" failed
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6:35:03 PM: ​
6:35:03 PM: Error message
6:35:03 PM: Command failed with exit code 1: npm run build (https://ntl.fyi/exit-code-1)
6:35:03 PM: ​
6:35:03 PM: Error location
6:35:03 PM: In Build command from Netlify app:
6:35:03 PM: npm run build
6:35:03 PM: ​
6:35:03 PM: Resolved config
6:35:03 PM: build:
6:35:03 PM: command: npm run build
6:35:03 PM: commandOrigin: ui
6:35:03 PM: publish: /opt/build/repo/build
6:35:03 PM: publishOrigin: ui
Because that where bastoni is exported