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Caetano Melone
Is it possible to put an if/else statement inside of where it asks for the html:?
Jan Baer
Hello @all! Has anyone here experience with sending attachments? I just send with my mail an array of attachments that are all as data-uri with base64 encoded. nodemailer sends always only one of my attachments and it's not the content that I sent...
Mike Bartlett
@janbaer afraid i can't help you, never dealt with attachments. does any straight-up sample/example code from the docs work correctly?
Faiz Ahmed
Hi! This might seem stupid question, but I'm just starting out. I have an html contact form ready, deployed the website on aws ec2 server. Installed nodemailer with npm install nodemailer in the /var/www/html/ directory of my server.
now is there any good article on the web that can guide me? I'm a beginner, and it's hard for me to understand backend stuff since I'm just exploring it by trying to implement contact form
Adam Horrigan
This message was deleted
Nauman Tariq
Hi all
Is there any way to use nodemailer with ReactJs?
blop.. blop..
{ Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain
at Error (native)
at TLSSocket.<anonymous> (_tls_wrap.js:1055:38)
at emitNone (events.js:86:13)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:185:7)
at TLSSocket._finishInit (_tls_wrap.js:580:8)
at TLSWrap.ssl.onhandshakedone (_tls_wrap.js:412:38)
how do i solve it i cant send mail.
Mike Bartlett
@bluethefish are you trying to send via SSL? looks like there's a problem with the certificate
blop.. blop..
No.. Im not trying to send via ssl im trying to send a simple mail to check if it's work.. and i get this message error.
Mike Bartlett
that error looks very much like it's trying to do something with TLS
what does your code look like - please make sure you put markdown backticks around it
Andris Reinman
If you did not specify tls options (secure:true) then Nodemailer tries to upgrade the connection using starttls and it fails because of the self signed certificate. You can either turn starttls off (ignoreTLS:true) or ignore cert errors
blop.. blop..
connectMail() {
    let s = "mail_connection_settings": {
        "service": "dsa",
            "secure": false,
            "ignoreTLS": false,
            "auth": {
            "user": "das@gmail.com",
                "pass": "s"
    return NodeMailer.createTransport(SmtpTransport(s));
Mike Bartlett
"ignoreTLS": false should be true if I understood Andris correctly
Noel Hidalgo
I have the problem that emails are grouped, despite having different subject, the only thing that carry the same are the recipients; there any settings to prevent this, I have already disabled the grouping of conversation in gmail and always grouped.
Mike Bartlett
@_noelhidalgo_twitter how on earth did you manage to end up here to ask that sort of question!?
Noel Hidalgo
Sorry, its a wrong place? I will delete my ask! :worried:
Rahul Kamboj
I am getting issue using node mailer
q promise not working with nodemailer
can we send a email to forward email address created in godaddy..using nodemailer module
Does nodemailer works with node 6.3.0?
Andris Reinman
@kunal-pal yes, it does work with v6.x
Anyone use mailparser?
I finally figured out how to send an email, but it's going straight to the spam folder. It's an issue with how I set up my transporter variable. help please?
var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport(); //sends, but goes to spam

var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport('SMTP',{
     service: 'Gmail',
     auth: {
         user: 'saxonApp.do.not.reply@gmail.com',
         pass: 'mypassword'
 }); // this says I have to downgrade to v 0.7 or something
Mitchell Donaldson
Hey team, anyone using nodemailer in a lambda function
hello nodemailer people
i get a 554 error when sending emails using ses plugin
i use email x@x.com as from address to send email to: x@x.com and y@y.com.
the email to y@y.com arrives ok
the email to x@x.com is geting this error: Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 mail server permanently rejected message (#5.3.0)
Status: 5.3.0
the server on x@x.com is only accepting authenticated emails
any ideas on this? Thanks
Hi there. How can I set up the sign of a mail? I use gmail
Mitchell Donaldson
@bogdan2510 Have you changed the policy for SES to accept all?
Kaitlyn Kenwell
How can I get a refresh token to set up an xoauth transporter?
Using gmail
I found an outdated stackoverflow post, that doesn't work to my knowledge. So I can't get one
@mmdonaldson problem solved. :)
@mmdonaldson thanks
dpsh cudi

hey guys please help me ...
it's a minor issue i know, but i'm hung in various tasks at the moment.

i'm using https://nodemailer.com/2-0-0-beta/templating/
templating provided by node mailer,

i've created my html.ext file and kept in template folder,

i'm using snippet

var EmailTemplate = require('email-templates').EmailTemplate;
var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport('smtps://user%40gmail.com:pass@smtp.gmail.com');

// create template based sender function
// assumes text.{ext} and html.{ext} in template/directory
var sendPwdReminder = transporter.templateSender(new EmailTemplate('template'), {
    from: 'sender@example.com',

// use template based sender to send a message
    to: 'receiver@example.com',
    // EmailTemplate renders html and text but no subject so we need to
    // set it manually either here or in the defaults section of templateSender()
    subject: 'Password reminder'
}, {
    username: 'Node Mailer',
    password: '!"\'<>&some-thing'
}, function(err, info){
        console.log('Password reminder sent');

but unable to send Email

should i change this line

var sendPwdReminder = transporter.templateSender(new EmailTemplate('template'), {


var sendPwdReminder = transporter.templateSender(new EmailTemplate('template/html.ext'), {

please help me out as my err response is coming blank.

dpsh cudi

guys got the solution sorry...
the ext was ejs extension

thanks guys...

Kaitlyn Kenwell
Mike Bartlett
no idea @Redrield never worked with xoauth transporters sorry
Kaitlyn Kenwell
I'm just looking for a way to not have the plaintext password of my acount in the application
Mike Bartlett
we use it with mandrill, and that's a token-based transport
and the tokens are kept in configs that get pulled into the app
Kaitlyn Kenwell
mandrill looks like I need to pay?