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@Redrield how many emails do you need to send/day?
Kaitlyn Kenwell
It really depends. I'm just hooking up the email to notify me with details from a forum on my site
So it depends on how many people submit that forum
Mike Bartlett
how many unique users do you get a day on your forum?
Kaitlyn Kenwell
I've had it set up for months now, and I haven't gotten any...
Mike Bartlett
i mean, 500 people emailing you a day from your forum would be a pretty insanely popular forum and you should be rolling in all the money you're making as a result of your untold fame
Kaitlyn Kenwell
So the sendgrid free plan is gonna work fine
Mike Bartlett
so i would think that sendgrid's free tier would work just fine
Kaitlyn Kenwell
anyone sees file attachment issue ?
i want to attach PDF document to the recipient mail, but recipients not able to open the docs except reading the alert message like document is corrupted or damaged something like ....
Hello there. Could someone tell me how to make a sign in my mails?
Mike Bartlett
@rottenberry you mean signing the email like this: https://github.com/andris9/nodemailer-dkim ?
Hello guys, what is the best way of sending a html template? I am not using any engines. Just plain html and css.
Mike Bartlett
construct it with something like handlebars and then send that as part of the email?
Thank you @mydigitalself for the reply
Sandip Subedi
Do you guys have any idea why I am getting this message but I am not able to get emails ?
{"accepted":["sandipsubedi@outlook.com","sandip.subedi27@gmail.com"],"rejected":[],"response":"250 OK id=1cMs7V-0008DM-I5","envelope":{"from":"contact@quizcollections.com","to":["sandipsubedi@outlook.com","sandip.subedi27@gmail.com"]},"messageId":"151ccce5-cf4e-d5e6-fe47-796db863cfa7@quizcollections.com"}
Hello guys
Looking to use nodemailer behind a >>SEND>> button in browser to send plain text color codes from a color-picker made with React here: http://codepen.io/freesaga/pen/xgxaqp
So just run transporter.sendMail on >Send> button-click then I think, yea?
Is there a way to render a value nested in an object? For example {{ship_to.data.name}}
Brian Flannery
Running nodemailer in a backbone model .js file and get this error when submitting "Error: Unsupported configuration, downgrade Nodemailer to v0.7.1 to use it". Anyone have an idea? Can send my code if needed
Julien Fontanet
Hello everyone, where should Nodemailer issues be reported?
Julien Fontanet
@andris9 friendly poke :)
Kai Hendry
Is there a text (80 col) templating engine available in JS? So you can right align or center a {{ event.title }} for e.g. ?
while sending messages from nodemailer that message is not showing in the sent mailbox of that particular user
Vijay Kumar Chitirala
Hello everyone
How can i use nodemailer to send emails from a gmail group account?
I used nodemailer directly with my email & password. I also tried with oauth2 credentials with xoauth2 transport. Both of these works great but only for a user account. these methods are not to send mails from a group account

Hi all,
How can I send emails to the SMTP server no authentication?

( I don't know why my client use a server no authentication. And I need to check how can I use nodemailer for this case)

Hey, is there anyone with godaddy mails expreience
"message": {
"code": "EAUTH",
"response": "535 Authentication Failed",
"responseCode": 535,
"command": "AUTH LOGIN"
I am getting this error, while using same credentials I can access on browser
I am using nodemailer-smtp-transport
Ramon Fritsch
Hey Guys, is this safe to upgrade from 2.x to 3.x?
Abdul Jalil Laguindab
Hello, I there a way to add user agent on nodemailer. Like adding headers to set on what os you are on, or browser.
Evan Sendra

Can't seem to get OAuth2 working with a service account via gmail. Config looks like this:

let transport = mailer.createTransport({
service: 'Gmail',
auth: {
type: 'OAuth2',
user: 'user@cutomgmailsite.com',
serviceClient: '106...',
privateKey: '-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----...',
//accessToken: '', where would I get this?
//expires: 1, where would I get this?

from gmail I get a json object with private_key_id, private_key, client_email, client_id, auth_uri, token_uri, auth_provider_x509_cert_url, and client_x509_cert_url, but no accessToken or expires as is required by nodemailer. I thought the access token and expiration was sent as a response from gmail's side?
I would just use username and password as an auth mechanism but I don't have access to set this app as a "less secure app", and that doesn't seem like a particularly good solution anyway
Adam Sinclair

Hi everyone, I'm running Nodemailer 2.3.2 and I can't seem to get the filename for my attachment working. No matter what I give it, it always defaults to attachment-1.xls

Here is my attachments section ...

attachments: [
        // _filename is 'TN_TestName_2017-04-05.xls'
        filename: _filename,
        content: fileBuffer,
        contentType: 'application/vnd.ms-excel'

EDIT: I removed the content type and that fixed the problem

Owen Mills
How can I use templates with nodemailer?
Erik Demaine
"All templating is gone": https://nodemailer.com/about/migrate/
But of course you can template with another system, then send with nodemailer
Got a question: Do I need access Token to get it to work properly?
Evan Sendra
Ah, I got it all working. My problem actually was that I was using node 4.4.3. After using Chocolatey to upgrade to some 7+, it's all working.