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Oct 2015
I have a react app, in which folder name is sports, inside the sports folder I have node modules, inside the node modules folder I have football folder and react folder.
If go to football folder and do npm install react its installing react, which makes my application fail, how to prevent this command npm install react from being successful.
Is it anyway we can right a script to prevent this process to happen, but it should work when we do npm install react in sports folder. Is there any already npm packages which we use it make automatically validated our npm commands.
@stefanmve there??
Oct 20 2015 16:05
@rk08 usually you don't need to manually put anything in the node_modules folder, just let npm install things there from your project root.
Yrah is there any command to prevent that type of installation
Oct 20 2015 20:57
I'm not sure what you mean. Just make sure you run npm install from the project root where package.json is, and don't manually put anything in node_modules folder.