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Feb 2015
Tristan McDonald
Feb 20 2015 10:43
Nice, looking forward to seeing the stickers!
I don't need parking
Tom Spencer
Feb 20 2015 12:10
Pizzas are ordered, 32 of them! Hope everybody brings a healthy appetite :)
Tom Spencer
Feb 20 2015 16:01
There's been a few more dropouts so I've extended the RSVP deadline to 10pm, also put out a message to the underscore mailing list to see if there are any last-minute takers.
Feb 20 2015 17:06
Hey, i've managed to get two of my colleagues to come along tomorrow. Looking forward to it :)
Adam Butler
Feb 20 2015 18:03
@fiznool @katjad @permadesign We still meeting tonight?
Watershed at 18:30?