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Oct 2014
Oct 28 2014 05:55
Hi guys! I am new to Node.js any good website for starters ..?
Simon McManus
Oct 28 2014 08:23
Hi @malyarfarahee. Have you looked at node school? You can try it on your own and We also have an event on the 12th where you can work through the exercises with other people and mentors, you can get tickets here:
Oct 28 2014 08:56
@simonmcmanus Thank you for information
Anthony Young
Oct 28 2014 09:03
@simonmcmanus is that the event on the 10th
Alan Shaw
Oct 28 2014 09:05
@ayoungh yes it’s on the 10th, NOT the 12th
Simon McManus
Oct 28 2014 09:09
o yes sorry its on the 10th!!
Oct 28 2014 15:36