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Apr 2016
Ian Crowther
Apr 24 2016 08:13 UTC
@t14 @bernardbaker want to arrange one? I can help
Bernard Baker
Apr 24 2016 09:10 UTC
@iancrowther we need a venue first, my boss said I have to wait until we move to the new building in July.
@iancrowther I would interested in arranging one. Would to get permission for the venue but it might be a possibility if you can help out
Ian Crowther
Apr 24 2016 13:11 UTC
I’m certain we could use Makers Academy
@/all anyone have a venue suggestion?
adding @jkbits1 who has been part of NSL for a long time now
Jon Kelly
Apr 24 2016 18:41 UTC
@iancrowther thanks, looking forward to helping out again!