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Jun 2016
Jun 23 2016 10:37
really gutted but Iโ€™m not going to make it tonight
have fun
Jun 23 2016 11:47
First time to a nodeschool. Very excited!
Alan Shaw
Jun 23 2016 15:29
hey @/all put your hand up if youโ€™re an organiser or mentor and you're coming tonight
Samuel Rounce
Jun 23 2016 15:34
Bernard Baker
Jun 23 2016 15:41
Adrian Lynch
Jun 23 2016 15:59
Samuel Rounce
Jun 23 2016 16:05
just put out another tweet with address & maps
gonna head to the polling station and make my way over, see you in 45
Ben White
Jun 23 2016 16:57
Can't believe I only just found this group! I'm here at the door letting people in :D
Samuel Rounce
Jun 23 2016 16:58
Running late, am on the train now
Should be at Liverpool St station in 25
Adrian Lynch
Jun 23 2016 17:12
Train's are slooooow...