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Feb 2017
Feb 26 2017 11:58
@srounce thanks for re-starting Nodeschool yesterday! It was great to mentor again :sparkles:
Samuel Rounce
Feb 26 2017 12:49
it was a pleasure
thx again to all who came and of course to @iteles & Founders & Coders for hosting us!
@lazlojuly when do you wanna meet and try and get a real plan together for next month? (Anyone else up for this too?)
Ines Teles Correia
Feb 26 2017 13:03
<3 It was a pleasure to have you! Thanks to @lucymonie for covering the afternoon!!
Samuel Rounce
Feb 26 2017 13:05
Lucy Monie Hall
Feb 26 2017 13:51
My pleasure!
Feb 26 2017 16:15
Hi all, this is Kash from Code Your Future ( we are a free coding school for refugees and asylum seekers. We are looking for mentors and volunteers to help in the next couple of weeks with using Node and databases, if you are interested please send me a message here or email us at
Hannah Tucker McLellan
Feb 26 2017 16:25
Yes thanks for the session yesterday! I learnt so much from you @srounce! After my first kata in codewars and then the workshop yesterday, I feel like I finally broke a barrier and I'm ready to get further ahead with my js journey!