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Repo info
    Philip J Briggs
    Let's learn-me-node
    Seth Vincent
    hello everybody!
    welcome to seattle nodeschoooooool
    you can find all the workshops at http://nodeschool.io
    Rob Middleton
    Craig Beck
    susan evans
    hi everyone!
    Andrew Liu


    david inden
    Hi everybody!
    Farrin Reid
    It was great to see you, all thanks to all the mentors and students for making this happen
    david inden
    Thanks to everyone for putting the event on today. It was awesome!
    Farrin Reid
    Welcome everyone!
    Seth Vincent
    here's the nodeschool seattle code of conduct: https://github.com/nodeschool/seattle/blob/gh-pages/codeofconduct.md
    Adrienne Kerr
    Evan Huang
    Anyone know all the steps to set up brackets properly to support auto-completion/debugging for node?
    Joe Rehfuss
    Luke Swart
    Wyoming Telford
    who is stuck on how-to-npm dist-tag?!
    AJ Jordan
    @JustWyoming you still stuck?
    david inden
    My goal today is to run through the javascripting module today to brush up on JS. More than half way through so far! Yay!
    david inden
    Just completed javascripting! Break time!
    Farrin Reid
    @daveskull81 congrats, now onto learnyounode!
    Abe Diaz (@abe238)
    Had fun today
    For those interested come join us at Startup Weekend Latino bit.ly/swsealatino
    Farrin Reid
    @abe238 I'm glad you had fun, hope to see you again!
    Farrin Reid
    @/all Be sure to follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/nodeschool_sea