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Repo info
    Farrin Reid
    We did't have time for shirts but if anyone wants to order them on their own http://www.bluecotton.com/share_display.html?u=1&s=1879054&x=1&r=9.06263673286052
    I couldn't resolve the error with dist-tag in how-to-npm tutorial.
    Melissa Auclaire
    Hi all
    Has there already been a lecture?
    I arrived late and traffic was a little heavy
    Jennie Buechner
    The instructors just showed how to set up the nodeschool tutorials
    They're standing around so you can get help from one of them
    Ian Crowther
    were there any photos from international-day
    I'm putting the film together if I can get enough media
    Seth Vincent
    @iancrowther can't find the originals but there are a bunch of clips on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtqV0D_WhsDkeaLIDMJ2mm288psaVY4IM
    Ian Crowther
    ok great
    i managed to rip those :-)
    Seth Vincent
    @iancrowther :thumbsup:
    Seth Vincent
    @revisualize hi!
    Why is it so hot?!
    Make it cooler.
    Is Seattle doing anything for Nodeschool International Day on May 21st?
    Seth Vincent
    no we weren't prepared in time to make an event happen :worried:
    but there is one on bainbridge island: http://www.meetup.com/IslandJS-Nodeschool/events/230953012/
    RS Nation
    hi can any one help me with my prob.
    Anybody working in Js-react project this Saturday?
    Is anyone going through FreeCodeCamp as a beginner in Seattle and would like to meet up regularly to work together?