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May 2015
Erik Osheim
May 03 2015 00:59
hello everyone
i apologize for all the silence on this project.
i'm feeling a bit blocked -- i think the library is still not quite where i wanted it to be for a first RC release
but i'm feeling a lot of pressure to get this releases, since cats depends on it, and many people are wanting a release of that library ASAP.
do you all imagine being able to help do reviews to help get a release out soon?
(i know that instances PR i made is possibly too big. right now i feel like "best is the enemy of the good" as far as moving the library into a releasable state with useful instances included.)
Tom Switzer
May 03 2015 16:15
Definitely will try to help where I can - with the usual constraints, of course :\
Cody Allen
May 03 2015 16:46
I can try to help a bit too. My math knowledge is quite limited compared to most people in here though.
Erik Osheim
May 03 2015 17:34
i'm going to treat @ceedubs' sign-off on this SBT configuration issue as a +1
(thanks btw)