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Sep 2015
Adelbert Chang
Sep 15 2015 00:50
revisiting tuple/product instances (e.g. for Semigroup, Monoid, Order, Eq) - what are peoples thoughts on doing this via SBT code gen vs. a macro vs. using shapeless (and probably having an algebra-shapeless proj?)
Erik Osheim
Sep 15 2015 01:24
@adelbertc so -- i would love to have codegen support in algebra in the short term -- we already do this in spire, and algebird, and cats
in the short-to-medium term it would be nice to have a macro that someone else can use to easily define these instances (spire has something like this)
i support something like algebra-shapeless but it's likely that it could be folded into kittens
Miles Sabin
Sep 15 2015 07:10
Yeah, I'll be adding those to kittens very shortly ... contributions most welcome :-)