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Dec 2015
Erik Osheim
Dec 07 2015 17:07
hi folks. i think we talked about this in the past, but does anyone have a problem with algebra moving to the typelevel organization? (org.typelevel instead of org.spire-math)?
there's an issue here where @johnynek agrees about it. i think i talked to @tixxit and @larsrh too.
@avibryant what do you think?
RĂ¼diger Klaehn
Dec 07 2015 17:10
:+1:, FWIW
Tom Switzer
Dec 07 2015 18:00
P. Oscar Boykin
Dec 07 2015 18:12
Lars Hupel
Dec 07 2015 21:28
@non :+1: