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Dec 2015
Denis Rosset
Dec 17 2015 13:54
It's great to see non/algebra grow. I worked quite a bit on the spire.algebra structures, but was unfamiliar with the non/algebra ones. I'm now doing a review of the code, opening issues as needed.
First point: non/algebra#138 -- how large should be the surface of a typeclass in non/algebra? I'm a bit worried about binary compatibility in the future.
RĂ¼diger Klaehn
Dec 17 2015 15:22
@denisrosset there is now a discussion of making cats independent, and making algebra depending on cats-core at the cats gitter channel. @milessabin is preparing a PR. At this point I don't really care anymore who depends on what. I just don't want to change the import for Eq and Monoid every three months :worried:
Miles Sabin
Dec 17 2015 15:23
To be clear, I'm preparing a PR for discussion.
Denis Rosset
Dec 17 2015 15:31
@milessabin @rklaehn thanks!