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Jan 2016
Ben Hutchison
Jan 14 2016 07:33

I have a situation where I'd like to treat a number tuple as 2D Vector ietype Vec2d = (Double, Double). Only need to support Addition and Subtraction operations. Whats the smallest typeclass I can implement (or better, import..) that will give me element-wise +& - over(Double, Double)?

FWIW I ended up finding answers to my question about working with 2D vectors and algebra:

  1. The minimal typeclass for plus and minus is AdditiveGroup, but there's no syntax yet for infix + and -operators
  2. There are auto-generated instances for (Double, Double) in master, after you first sbt compile, but added after the published 0.3.1 jar so wont find in maven
  3. Unfortunately I realized I also need Euclidean distance between 2 vectors. Algebra currently doesn't offer a MetricSpace typeclass that would expose a distance operator. Given that Spire and Algebird do offer it, could it be added to algebra?
Erik Osheim
Jan 14 2016 13:27
@benhutchison i think metric spaces are potentially on the table, but maybe in a separate module
(i could imagine that same module also supporting group actions, torsors, vector spaces, and so on)
Tom Switzer
Jan 14 2016 15:24
Any reason to not just use Spire?
Rather than add it to algebra?
(ie is it actually used much in algebird that it is worth sharing?)
Erik Osheim
Jan 14 2016 15:31
that's a good question. @johnynek do you know if algebird's metric spaces get a lot of use?
Jan 14 2016 16:11
[(poor) Humor: "Contrary to all known FP best practices, @non intentionally mutated himself]
Erik Osheim
Jan 14 2016 16:33
non @non is actually quite unprincipled
Jan 14 2016 16:33
Dale Wijnand
Jan 14 2016 16:38
do as I say not as I do :P
P. Oscar Boykin
Jan 14 2016 23:00
@non It does not get a lot of use, but it had some bit of use at Twitter