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May 2016
Erik Osheim
May 17 2016 14:44
the travis failures on #152 are just timeouts :/
i'm porting some work from cats to require fewer runs of the JS laws -- i hope that speeds it up enough.
P. Oscar Boykin
May 17 2016 16:59
@non I don’t know much about scalajs, but do we use rhino to run the tests? Could we use nodejs?
Erik Osheim
May 17 2016 17:00
let me check what our config is doing -- i'm going to try to sync it up to cats'
Erik Osheim
May 17 2016 17:07
oh yeah -- it seems like that setting improves things a lot!
Cody Allen
May 17 2016 17:08
See also typelevel/cats#954