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Sep 2016
Erik Osheim
Sep 09 2016 14:58
hey folks -- i think we're going to need a 0.5.2 release
i used super in one of the type class definitions in algebra and it turns out that downstream that leads to a specialization bug (
Erik Osheim
Sep 09 2016 16:10
ok here are two PRs that i'd like to get in before a 0.5.2 release:
  • non/algebra#165
  • non/algebra#166
Erik Osheim
Sep 09 2016 19:03
hey folks! thinking about moving non/algebra over to typelevel/algebra now
we've already changed our artifact ID so i think it's mostly a formality. anyone have a reason i shouldn't do this later today?
Kai(luo) Wang
Sep 09 2016 19:21
:+1: moving repo
Erik Osheim
Sep 09 2016 22:55
ok moving the repo now...
ok the repo is moved!
i'm not going to create a non/algebra clone for a few months, so that links forward correctly.
i'm not sure if/when the gitter room will move, but things seem ok right now.
Erik Osheim
Sep 09 2016 23:42
good news! i got scoverage working locally and it seems like we have 91.22% statement coverage so far, which isn't too bad.
of course our branch coverage is 66.6% which could be a lot better!
wait, ignore this! it turns out i hadn't run clean yet. will report back with better stats (and will try to get codecov set up next).
well, our coverage is much worse. once i get codecov set up i'll try to submit a PR to get some quick coverage wins.