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Sep 2016
Tom Switzer
Sep 16 2016 01:06
Yeah - my I feel like syntax will be fine, even if it lives in a separate artifact
Out of curiousity, with the move to typelevel on github, is there any plans to open up a gitter under typelevel/algebra too?
Lars Hupel
Sep 16 2016 06:15
@tixxit IIRC this was supposed to be automatic ...
Miles Sabin
Sep 16 2016 09:09
I think the channel will rename itself eventually?
Sep 16 2016 20:40
Just an early heads up that except for a small scalacheck upgrade issue, I've got algebra compiling on 2.12.0-RC1 against a local cats 2.12.0-RC1 :+1:
Erik Osheim
Sep 16 2016 21:04
hurrah! thanks @bennyhill
Sep 16 2016 21:06
np. On a roll, I optimistically looked at adding non/spire#576 and decided it was bedtime :)

This is a really big PR

Oh yes. nn :wave:

Erik Osheim
Sep 16 2016 21:09