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Sep 2016
Ben Hutchison
Sep 23 2016 04:52

@benhutchison let's open an issue. especially if it's optional i don't think there will be too much objection.

@non yep, will get to raising a syntax ticket in coming days/weeks. First need to take some time to get across the plan for migrating spire on top of algebra.

I guess if algebra had "standalone" syntax, we'd want it to be source compat with Spire syntax where possible . So if people wrote against algebra and then wanted extra spire features, the transition might just be changing some syntax imports (eg import algebra.syntax.all_ => import spire.syntax.all._ or whatever).

Or do you envisage one copy of the syntax, living inside algebra, which is somehow exposed through spire imports (eg spire package objects mixin syntax traits defined in algebra)

Denis Rosset
Sep 23 2016 05:57
@benhutchison : if you do this, beware the syntax of the % operator. We are trying to understand the different meanings of the "modulo" operation here typelevel/algebra#172