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Dec 2016
Ben Hutchison
Dec 19 2016 04:59

With a bit more free time in the xmas break period, Im circling back to the question of Algebra syntax

I personally think for Algebra to be useful/used standalone it needs syntax.

It seems that most syntax for algebra typeclasses already exists but is in Spire.

Presumably ideally migration for syntax into Algebra would be completely source-compatible for Spire users? I guess this is achievable, if all the Syntax traits in Spire (which users import) referenced the migrated syntax traits in Algebra.

Or does anyone prefer a conscious break in compatibility, where users have to fix their imports to upgrade to the migrated version? To me, this is an option of last resort, although it does mean less redirection in the codebase..

Tom Switzer
Dec 19 2016 15:20
Assuming it followed a spire style syntax pattern (eg *Syntax traits that contains the implicits), I don't see why we couldn't provide source compatibility. So it seems a nice thing to have
Ben Hutchison
Dec 19 2016 23:35
@johnynek If Algebra included opt-in syntax based on Spire, it seems Algebird users would be unaffected providing they didn't import both Algebra syntax and Algebird operators together.