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Nov 2017
Denis Rosset
Nov 07 2017 13:08
@LukaJCB For the ring hierarchy, I've removed the original abstraction (the base stuff, etc...) at the price of duplicating the laws for Group, AdditiveGroup and MultiplicativeGroup. In the end, the code is simpler and not much longer.
Luka Jacobowitz
Nov 07 2017 13:12
Sounds great! Is there a way I can have a look?
Denis Rosset
Nov 07 2017 13:56 in laws/src/main/scala/spire/laws
Martin Duhem
Nov 07 2017 19:05
Hey guys, we're moving to sbt 1.0 with Dotty, so I ported typelevel/algebra's build to sbt 1.0, because it's part of our community build. The changes are not big, but would you be interested in a PR? Here's the commit: dotty-staging/algebra@43cc85a