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Jakub Kozłowski
Mark Tomko
And there are other ways of dealing with debugging version conflicts or classpath problems - sbt can usually show that kind of thing, especially with the dependency graph plugin
ag --scala BuildInfo doesn't return any results in a clean checkout of the spire code
Mark Tomko
hmm, I'm not sure that's a good test based on how the build works, so we should discount that evidence
 ✘  /opt/mtomko/spire   master  ag -a --scala BuildInfo
6:case object BuildInfo {

6:case object BuildInfo {

6:case object BuildInfo {

6:case object BuildInfo {
 /opt/mtomko/spire   master 
I think that's better, I missed the -a
So now we at least find the generated BuildInfo files
moritz bust
Would you recommend using spire to do linear algebra in a computer graphics context?
I basically just have to move some elements around the screen in scala-js and maybe rotate them from time to time, but I would like to avoid using (Double, Double) allover the place.
Denis Rosset
Spire does not have support for concrete linear algebra (yet), except that it provides typeclasses and laws for vector spaces. That would be only helpful for tests -- and marginally so, because you are using imprecise types that are difficult to test exactly.
@Busti thus: if you are writing a linear algebra library, sure, base it on Spire. If it's just a single use project, just use a tuple. Note that Tuple2 is specialized, so you won't allocate too many objects; but still, every computation will allocate a new tuple.
If you need performance, you'll probably have to work with arrays of doubles.
moritz bust
@denisrosset Thank you for replying. I will probably continue using a tuple then.
The reason behind my question just that I would like to avoid implementing a bunch of classes like Vec2, Vec3, Mat2, Mat3, Mat4.
Other languages, especially those commonly used for game dev, usually already have some libraries for that purpose, but I cannot really find anything in scala.
Spire already has a lot of implementations, that I could really use, like VectorSpace or Quaternion, however given the scientific nature of the library, it might not be the best choice to use them in a realtime graphics environment.
Luka Jacobowitz
I think spire is pretty well optimized for performance, so I don't see why it wouldn't be a good choice :)
Unless of course you want to do stuff on the GPU
Denis Rosset
Spire is optimized, sure! But it does not provide you the fixed size vectors and matrices you are looking for. If you write your own, you can use Spire to make them generic and fast. See for a non fixed size version (you don't want to use it -- it's not specialized, and it is using Arrays, whereas for fixed size vectors you want to use primitive fields.)
BTW, be very careful with specialization. It fails in unpredictable ways. You'd be better not making your stuff generic if it does not need to be.
This room has moved:
@larsrh I remember that there was a way to move / rename any gitter channel?
or it is smth from the past and doesn’t work anymore
According to the docs that doesn't work
I'll try to get them to move the history though
gotcha ): that's said
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