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    What are the different brancheS?
    What's the stable branch?
    Sangeet Shah
    I think stable branch means all most tested code that ready to use.

    from this tutorial https://docs.nopcommerce.com/developer/plugins/plugin-with-data-access.html

    One other thing to note is that we do not have navigation properties (relational properties), and I'll cover those in more detail later.

    I could not find where it id covered in more detail later. It seems to not be covered at all?

    Dhruv Sheth
    Hello Everyone, I have tried to develop simple plugin using https://docs.nopcommerce.com/developer/plugins/how-to-write-plugin_4.10.html link
    which is successfully installed but getting error as "plugin is not compatible or cannot be loaded."
    I am using nopcommerce 4.10 version
    Paul Spoerry
    Morning all... I popped open Nuget today and see a bunch of updates available for things like System.IO.FileSystem.AccessControl, Avalara.AvaTax, EasyCaching.InMemory, and so on. Is it safe to allow Nuget to update those packages?
    nopcommerce gitter looks dead eh?
    Omid Nasri
    Paul Spoerry
    Completely. I was kinda excited when I found this as I thought it might be more active than the forums... doesn't seem to be the case. ;)
    would love to use .net core instead of php for e-commerce website
    it just looks so niche and nopcommerce still uses sql server
    maybe someday in the future I'll start my own project with MIT license
    I deeply hate PHP
    but it looks like most used platforms are made in it
    Paul Spoerry
    @bugproof Same here. I have experience using things like Woocommerce (extensively modified one once), etc. However, you should give Nop a look. There has definetly been a learning curve for me but so far I'm finding it well structured and the more I get into it the more I find that I like it.
    @PaulSpoerry I'm playing with SimplCommerce right now
    theming and overall project structure looks friendlier than nopCommerce
    I'll see what next
    there's also fork of nopCommerce - grandnode but I don't think mongodb is great for e-commerce
    Amir Modjtabaa Padashi
    Hi, How can i prevent users from changing the language of the website?! i need english for admin panel and i need another language for my website. what should i do in nopCommerce?
    Amir Modjtabaa Padashi
    It seems this lobby is not active?!
    I wonder if it’s possible to add nested admin menu for a plugins or not?
    Jojo Aquino
    started playing around with this
    Hey guys did this community move somewhere else?
    no community is dead
    personally I'm building a new commerce platform based on net core
    (headless, API-first)
    more modern approach
    but still a long way to go
    most platforms are hard to customize and force you to use bootstrap and the switch is slow
    nopCommerce is over engineered as well...
    Hi guys, i am trying to deploy nopcommerce to gcp within a kubernetes clust and i and getting and error message with "sequence contains more than one matching element". Already included datasettings on the docker image but it doesnt seem to solve it. Any ideas? thanks
    I am using version 4.2
    and locally, with the same image works like a charm
    hi everybody, first one have you got anybody in turkey and know turkish language
    2 replies
    selamlar türkçe bilen var mı _?
    Sangeet Shah
    @brunosantosfarfetch delete database and try again. its work.
    Hello, does anyone know how to copy the dataSettings.json to Docker?
    Hi All, I have an old version of 3.7 which I have migrated to a new sevrer, but the administration area is not working and give 'error occurred' message on all the POST requests? Does anyone have nay idea why?
    I now use nop4.3 to create the core api by myself, but [Could not load file or assembly'Nop.Web, Version=,] appears. When I add nop.web back, there is a dependency injection problem [ _migrationManager == null】

    Hello everyone
    I have deployed nopCommerce website to Azure App Service with GitHub Actions.
    Everything seemed okay until I tried to setup a new website.
    I got struck on install page with "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS".

    Here is the post with the same issue.
    There a solution but it does not work for me.

    Here is what I did.

    I would be glad if you can give me some suggestion to solve this problem.
    Thank you so much.