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    there's also fork of nopCommerce - grandnode but I don't think mongodb is great for e-commerce
    Amir Modjtabaa Padashi
    Hi, How can i prevent users from changing the language of the website?! i need english for admin panel and i need another language for my website. what should i do in nopCommerce?
    Amir Modjtabaa Padashi
    It seems this lobby is not active?!
    I wonder if it’s possible to add nested admin menu for a plugins or not?
    Jojo Aquino
    started playing around with this
    Hey guys did this community move somewhere else?
    no community is dead
    personally I'm building a new commerce platform based on net core
    (headless, API-first)
    more modern approach
    but still a long way to go
    most platforms are hard to customize and force you to use bootstrap and the switch is slow
    nopCommerce is over engineered as well...
    Hi guys, i am trying to deploy nopcommerce to gcp within a kubernetes clust and i and getting and error message with "sequence contains more than one matching element". Already included datasettings on the docker image but it doesnt seem to solve it. Any ideas? thanks
    I am using version 4.2
    and locally, with the same image works like a charm
    hi everybody, first one have you got anybody in turkey and know turkish language
    2 replies
    selamlar türkçe bilen var mı _?
    Sangeet Shah
    @brunosantosfarfetch delete database and try again. its work.
    Hello, does anyone know how to copy the dataSettings.json to Docker?
    Hi All, I have an old version of 3.7 which I have migrated to a new sevrer, but the administration area is not working and give 'error occurred' message on all the POST requests? Does anyone have nay idea why?
    I now use nop4.3 to create the core api by myself, but [Could not load file or assembly'Nop.Web, Version=,] appears. When I add nop.web back, there is a dependency injection problem [ _migrationManager == null】

    Hello everyone
    I have deployed nopCommerce website to Azure App Service with GitHub Actions.
    Everything seemed okay until I tried to setup a new website.
    I got struck on install page with "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS".

    Here is the post with the same issue.
    There a solution but it does not work for me.

    Here is what I did.

    I would be glad if you can give me some suggestion to solve this problem.
    Thank you so much.