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Repo info
    Matthew Frost
    show as ubuntu_20_4
    as i cant seem to get this condition to trigger for ubuntu 20.04 and all i see is via the dropdown ubuntu major 20, minor. 4
    but cant add 20 04 as the minor
    @mattronix Your best bet is to run rudder agent info -v on your ubuntu node, and look for the most precise system condition defined. Still, ubuntu_20_4 looks correct
    Matthew Frost
    cant figure out whats blocking my run
    oh wow
    did not know those exist condtion wise
    thats cool
    looks like a bug indeed as look ubuntu 20_04 is listed
    Vincent Membré
    yes you can use ubuntu_20. or set directly ubuntu_20_04 as advanced class
    Matthew Frost
    will do that
    Vincent Membré
    I'll try to fix it for 7.0.2, that could be ok if i can do it tonight
    Matthew Frost
    thanks :)
    oh wow cool
    that correct?
    haha im good at finding stuff like this partly think im cursed XD
    Vincent Membré
    That seems correct (i assume bold part is surrounded by _)
    Matthew Frost
    yep :)
    itworked indeed
    can you point me in the direction of docs for condtions
    is it cfengine conditions or something rudder?
    Vincent Membré
    yes cfengine one
    Matthew Frost
    do you have any docs for how to use the advanced conditions?
    have not found anything :(
    the abstraction does not click in my head yet hahaha
    Is there a proper way to check if linux host needs to restart without getting the message “was repaired” every single time in logs after command execution like: (Execute the command if [ -f /var/run/reboot-required ]; then exit 1; else exit 0; fi was repaired) ?
    use "condition from command" instead of "command execution"
    if you still want a report, use "command execution result"
    Vincent Membré
    in 7.0 you can disable reporting of methods
    Thx, it works for me :)
    Alexis Mousset
    ℹ️ We are currently experiencing problems on some of our servers (due to a network outage) and some services are unavailable. Things should be back online soon, we'll keep you informed.
    Alexis Mousset
    The problem is now solved ✅ Please report any issue you may encounter on our services.
    Benjamin Belot


    I'm facing an issue with the compliance reports of a host.
    I can register the host on the pending list, but then it appears with an error.
    when i try a rudder agent update, it gives me an error :
    rudder-agent could not get an updated configuration from the policy server.

    • This can be caused by:
      • an agent key that has been changed
      • if this node is not accepted or deleted node on the Rudder root server
      • if this node has changed policy server without sending a new inventory
        error: Rudder agent policies could not be updated

    Any ideas ?

    6 replies
    Rudder agent 6.2.13-debian10 / Server Rudder 6.2.9
    Thank you...
    Hello Guy, can rudder check if a service has failed?
    3 replies
    Anil Choudhury
    Hi All..
    I m very new to rudder..and like to download plugins and install
    11 replies
    please help
    Hello, how many node can handle rudder before using satellite ?
    Nicolas Charles
    You mean relay ?
    at least 1000