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Repo info
Jan T. Sott
should it be encouraged to use a tag for build providers in package.json, e.g. build-provider?
Jan T. Sott
more obscure build providers incoming :smile:
Oliver Schneider
@noseglid nope, publishing works great now
I accidentally published to npm first though xD needed to unpublish that
Alexander Olsson
@oli-obk awesome!
hello friends
do you think that the documentation is too simple for new users?
i think i can't get anything about the usage of atom-build and related other plugins after finished reading the documentation
Nathan Dwek
Hej, @noseglid would it be possible to review my pull request re:recursive Makefiles on atom-build-make?
Jan T. Sott
i added config to one of my providers and used atom.config.get() inside settings(). this seems to be called only once, even when i refresh the targets. is there anything i can do?
think of: user lauches atom, setting() gets called once. user edits the config, but the changes won't be read a second time. i tried preBuild(), but without success
Jan T. Sott
found the answer
Alexander Olsson
Emitting refresh from your provider will get the settings read again. You could do this when the configuration changes (as detected with atom.config.observe
Jan T. Sott
thanks, i found the answer in your makefile provider
Ben Creasy
folllowing up on my question at https://github.com/noseglid/atom-build/issues/261#issuecomment-255669937 - I'm working on command-line programs (basically just exploring C) and I'd like to be able to be able to build and run my small programs from Atom without switching to the terminal. Is that possible with this tool?
Basically it would work like this: I hit the build keyboard shortcut and then a dialog box pops up through which I provide additional arguments
Trent Schafer
Is there any mechanism with the provider API to run multiple targets programatically? E.g. if I want to implement some workflow, so I can say.. run target 1, if success, run target 2, etc, or, even taking it a step further, and running a different target against a different file that the active tab
Trent Schafer
I suppose for this to work, I would need to be able to both set the active target (I couldn't see this being possible with the command dispatch API with the currently exposed commands) and pass in to the build which file should be run.. If setting the active target is possible, I suppose too that the build output will be only for the last build, Ideally it could collate the outputs.
Oliver Schneider
@tschf nope, this has been requested before, but has been declined. atom-build just provides the targets
Trent Schafer
@oli-obk Ah, no probs! Thanks for letting us know.
Jan T. Sott
Can anyone explain the problem with this ´isEligible()` function? Once a non-editor pane has been selected (e.g. settings), it stops working:
isEligible() {
  let editor = atom.workspace.getActiveTextEditor();

  if (typeof editor == 'undefined') {
    return false;

  // additional test would go here
  return true;
ps: i have atom.workspace.onDidChangeActivePaneItem( () => this.emit('refresh')); in the constructor function
Shreesh Katyayan
Hi guys, I am unable to configure build-gulp with atom-build. build-sass worked fine on the other hand. Any references to look into?
Hello, excuse my retardness but I have problems setting the targets. I just downloaded Atom to learn java and I don
dont* understand the target stuff. I installed the packages I need I believe (build,build-make,build-gradle) but no clue as to what to do next. No targets exist. I could use some help.
Chris Bietz
'loha. Is there currently any way to get colors in the build output on windows?
Hi, i'm trying to use .atom-build.yml for setting my env params, but it seems like gulp doesn't use it. I put the file near the gulpfile.js. What i'm doing wrong? Thanks
Is anyone here?
Francesco Di Mizio
Hi anybody using build-gradle ?
Hello there people !
I feel like nobody's using this anymore