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Nov 2016
Eugene Apollonsky
Nov 17 2016 18:02
When I put it in repl it works as expected. The problem is related to package, i think.
Nicolas Rinaudo
Nov 17 2016 18:17
Could you also provide me with the compilation error?
I'm in the middle of something right now but will look at this a bit later
Nicolas Rinaudo
Nov 17 2016 20:12
@chessman ah, hang on. Usual pitfall when using shapeless: are you running Scala 2.10 and if so, do you have macroparadise in your classpath?
(I'm asking because there's nothing wrong with your code and I can compile it without a problem)
Nicolas Rinaudo
Nov 17 2016 21:00
@/all publishing a new 0.1.16 SNAPSHOT, we should be the latest feature change for 0.1.16. This includes:
  • dependencies update (cats, in particular, since the latest version is not backwards compatible)
  • scala 2.12.0 artifacts
  • support for java8 date times
oh, and a bunch of helper methods on suggested by @aroberts, particularly in the XxxResult companion objects