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Hey there fellow members.
Kabir Hossain
is there any php redis project development video?
Paulo Victor Leite Lima Gomes
Anyone using Predis on PHP7 ?
Daniele Alessandri
Just released Predis v1.0.4, see the release notes.
v1.1.0 will be released in a few more days! And after that, it's time to start working on v2.0-dev :-)
Andrea Coiutti
Daniele Alessandri
Speaking about v2.0-dev, please read nrk/predis#335 about the proposed bump of the minimum required version of PHP to 5.5.9 and if you have anything to say on the matter well, just comment there :smile:
Daniele Alessandri
Predis v1.1.0 is now available, see the release notes.
We have built-in support for redis-sentinel at last :-)
Plamen Paskov
hi guys
how does predis performs in the sense of speed comparing to the native redis extension ?
any benchmarks ?
(on PHP 7.0 the overhead of Predis is lower due to the improvements of the Zend Engine)
Cy Rossignol
@nrk Many thanks for working on the Sentinel support! The timing of the release was perfect for us.
I just wrote a package for configuring Laravel for Sentinel using the new features in Predis. If anyone uses this framework, I'd appreciate any feedback about bugs or usage experience!

Hey there … i am currently testing the predis libary to communicate from my php backend with a new nodejs chat system. I am able to publish commands to a specific channel but when observing this channel on node side, the data is stripped. For example:

$redis->publish("mychannel", "123456“);

// Result on observer (nodejs):

Any suggestions? Not sure if I am doing something wrong, or it has to do with my node setup.

Nevermind, bug was found on redis adapter for my node cluster.
Hello guys, is this chat room still in use?
Zaid Daba'een
Seems not. Anyway, does anybody have any figures on the performance increase if phpiredis is used?
Daniele Alessandri
@zaiddabaeen see https://github.com/nrk/predis/blob/master/FAQ.md#speaking-about-performances there's a section about phpiredis, absolute numbers will be most likely different with updated hardware and PHP 7.0 but for the most part they are still valid in relative terms.
Zaid Daba'een
Perfect. Many thanks @nrk
Guys, is there any 'noob' guides for predis.. ?
Sorry for asking here though..
Owen Morgan
hey all. just checking if anyone is able to help us out
were using Predis with a redis cluster on Elasticache
this gives you one endpoint to communicate with the cluster.
but out testing is seeing that one node is getting all the hits unevenly
just wondering if there is a command we need to run to sync slots to predis before we communicate with it?
Owen Morgan
such as this example for a different library
@owenmorgan "Redis Cluster does not use consistent hashing, but a different form of sharding where every key is conceptually part of what we call an hash slot.
There are 16384 hash slots in Redis Cluster, and to compute what is the hash slot of a given key, we simply take the CRC16 of the key modulo 16384.
Every node in a Redis Cluster is responsible for a subset of the hash slots[...]" - sound for me like it is normal, that the load will not be spreaded evenly over each node?!
Matt Humphrey
is this room active?
Richard Hodgson
Doesn't look very active
shame, I was going to ask if there's any easy way to check that Phpiredis is being used when using Sentinel
Specifying connections in the client properties seems to screw sentinel up pretty royally :)
Richard Hodgson
@nrk if you have any idea how to best figure this out I'm all ears :)