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      "name": "test",
      "version": "0.0.0",
      "private": true,
      "dependencies": {
        "@angular-devkit/schematics": "13.3.7",
        "@angular/animations": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/cdk": "13.3.9",
        "@angular/common": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/compiler": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/core": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/forms": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/http": "7.2.14",
        "@angular/localize": "13.3.11",
        "@angular/material": "13.3.9",
        "@angular/platform-browser": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/platform-browser-dynamic": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/router": "~13.3.0",
        "@clientio/rappid": "file:apps/admin-ui/src/_assets/rappid.tgz",
        "@ids/angular": ">=2.1.0",
        "@ids/styles": ">=2.1.1",
        "@itxm/sm.webclient.data-model": "^1.0.10",
        "@ngneat/transloco": "2.23.5",
        "@ngrx/component-store": "~13.0.0",
        "@ngrx/core": "1.2.0",
        "@ngrx/effects": "~13.0.0",
        "@ngrx/entity": "~13.0.0",
        "@ngrx/router-store": "~13.0.0",
        "@ngrx/store": "~13.0.0",
        "@nrwl/angular": "13.10.5",
        "angular-gridster2": "^8.0.0",
        "angular-l10n": "7.1.0",
        "angular-oauth2-oidc": "10.0.3",
        "angular-split": "^3.0.2",
        "applicationinsights-js": "1.0.20",
        "bootstrap": ">=4.3.1",
        "core-js": ">=2.6.5",
        "dagre": "0.8.4",
        "devextreme": "^21.1.3",
        "devextreme-angular": "^21.1.3",
        "feature.js": "1.0.0",
        "ldclient-js": "2.9.5",
        "lint-staged": "^12.1.3",
        "lodash-es": "^4.17.21",
        "moment": "2.24.0",
        "moment-timezone": "0.5.34",
        "ngx-bootstrap": ">=8.0.0",
        "ngx-swiper-wrapper": "10.0.0",
        "ngx-virtual-scroller": "4.0.3",
        "resize-observer-polyfill": "1.5.1",
        "rxjs": "^6.0.0",
        "swiper": "6.5.8",
        "tslib": "^2.0.0",
        "zone.js": "~0.11.4"
      "devDependencies": {
        "@angular-devkit/architect": "0.1303.7",
        "@angular-devkit/build-angular": "13.3.7",
        "@angular-eslint/eslint-plugin": "~13.1.0",
        "@angular-eslint/eslint-plugin-template": "~13.1.0",
        "@angular-eslint/template-parser": "~13.1.0",
        "@angular/cli": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/compiler-cli": "~13.3.0",
        "@angular/language-service": "~13.3.0",
        "@ngrx/schematics": "~13.0.0",
        "@ngrx/store-devtools": "~13.0.0",
        "@nrwl/cli": "13.10.5",
        "@nrwl/cypress": "13.10.5",
        "@nrwl/eslint-plugin-nx": "13.10.5",
        "@nrwl/jest": "13.10.5",
        "@nrwl/linter": "13.10.5",
        "@nrwl/workspace": "13.10.5",
        "@types/applicationinsights-js": "1.0.9",
        "@types/dagre": "0.7.42",
        "@types/jest": "27.0.2",
        "@types/jquery": "3.3.29",
        "@types/node": "16.11.7",
        "@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin": "~5.18.0",
        "@typescript-eslint/parser": "~5.18.0",
        "autoprefixer": "^10.4.0",
        "codelyzer": "^6.0.0",
        "cross-env": ">=5.2.0",
        "cypress": "^9.1.0",
        "cypress-multi-reporters": "^1.5.0",
        "cypress-xpath": "^1.6.2",
        "dotenv": "10.0.0",
        "eslint": "~8.12.0",
        "eslint-config-prettier": ">=8.1.0",
        "eslint-plugin-cypress": "^2.10.3",
        "eslint-plugin-import": "^2.23.4",
        "eslint-plugin-jsdoc": ">=35.4.1",
        "eslint-plugin-prefer-arrow": ">=1.2.3",
        "eslint-plugin-react": ">=7.24.0",
        "file-saver": "2.0.5",
        "husky": "^7.0.4",
        "jasmine-marbles": "~0.9.1",
        "jest": "27.2.3",
        "jest-junit": "6.4.0",
        "jest-marbles": "2.3.1",
        "jest-preset-angular": "11.1.1",
        "mocha-junit-reporter": "^2.0.0",
        "ng-packagr": "13.3.1",
        "ngrx-store-freeze": "0.2.4",
        "nx": "13.10.5",
        "postcss": "^8.4.5",
        "postcss-import": "^14.0.2",
        "postcss-preset-env": "^6.7.0",
        "postcss-url": "^10.1.1",
        "prettier": "^2.5.1",
        "shelljs": "0.8.3",
        "shx": "0.3.2",
        "tailwindcss": "2.2.19",
        "ts-jest": "27.0.5",
        "ts-md5": "1.2.11",
        "ts-node": "8.1.0",
        "tslint": "~6.1.0",
        "tslint-config-prettier": "^1.18.0",
        "typescript": "~4.6.2"
    I manually entered specific 'rxjs' package to fix the issue but no luck.
    I'm having some problems with environment variables , I have a .env in apps/my-app but it is not loaded, I console log process.env but the variables are not found there. This used to work at some point as some of the variables in the .env are present, but if I change the value or remove them in the .env file the changes are not reflected. New variables added to the .env also does not appear.
    Bindu Wavell
    I just ran npx nx migrate latest and thought that would update my project from nx 12 to nx 14. Instead it added a newline to the end of my package.json... Here is the output:
     % npx nx migrate latest
    Fetching meta data about packages.
    It may take a few minutes.
    Fetching nx@14.3.5
    >  NX  The migrate command has run successfully.
    - package.json has been updated
    - there are no migrations to run, so migrations.json has not been created.
    >  NX  Next steps:
    - Make sure package.json changes make sense and then run 'npm install'
    - To learn more go to https://nx.dev/using-nx/updating-nx
    - You may run 'npm run nx -- connect-to-nx-cloud' to get faster builds, GitHub integration, and more. Check out https://nx.app
    For what it's worth:
     % npx nx --version
    Interestingly, this seemed to work:
    npx nx migrate @nrwl/workspace@latest
    Bindu Wavell
    Too bad I'm forced to a newer version of angular with the latest nx, our app doesn't work with ng 13 yet.
    Greg Veres

    Need help with tree shaking. I am one of the rare people trying to use Vue and Nx. I had a fairly large Vue application that I wanted to move to Nx because I wanted to break the app up into different microfrontend like pieces. I have spent over a month doing just that. I have 30 buildable libraries and 3 apps. But now that I am done, I am realizing that webpack is no longer tree shaking my code and all of the code is included in all of the 3 apps. I believe what might be happening is that the index.ts files of the buildable libraries are causing webpack to think that all of the pieces of the apps are included. Each library uses an index.ts file to collect the exports of the library together. For instance, I have lib1/src/index.ts as:

    import { class1 } from './lib/class1.ts;
    import { class2 } from './lib/class2.ts;
    export { class1, class2 }

    Then in my app or other libraries, I might include class1 but not class2 like this:

    import { class1} from '@my-org/lib';

    This all builds fine and runs fine, but when I look at the bundles with webpack analyzer, class1 and class2 are included in the main app bundle even though tree shaking should have removed class2 for not being used.
    I am afraid that webpack might be getting tricked into thinking that class2 is needed because of lib's index.ts.
    Has anyone run into this before?

    Tim Chen
    Hi, I'm having an interesting issue where nx isn't able to run by generator.
    If I run npx nx g create-module --help it's fine but if I do npx nx g create-module --name test it fails with Cannot find module it looks like the issue is that it isn't converting the ts to js first. If I copy the built js files from dist to the generator folder it works fine. I'm not sure how I broke the ts translation because it was working fine a few days ago :P. Any ideas?
    1 reply
    Hello Everyone. I am trying to test a fetch endpoint but am running into cors issue. while connecting with host shell app.
    Can anyone help like where I need to set ssl true for this?
    Hi,I'm having trouble using local fonts, does anyone know of a document or github repo that would be helpful?
    I tried from stylesheet that.But it doesn't work
    ERROR in ./src/styles.css (./src/styles.css.webpack[javascript/auto]!=!../../node_modules/@nrwl/web/src/utils/webpack/plugins/raw-css-loader.js!../../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[3].oneOf[8].use[2]!./src/styles.css)
    Module Error (from ../../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js):
    /react-native-nx-monorepo/apps/web/src/styles.css:5:10: Can't resolve './assets/fonts/FontName/FontName-Regular.ttf' in 'react-native-nx-monorepo/apps/web/src'
    John Winston
    Hi, how can I use nx for linting with lint-staged?

    hi, I need to run some commands in the post action of my nrwl cypress project. I have written something like below, but the post actions are not executed. Can some one let me know what would be the issue here ?

    "post-run": {
    "executor": "@nrwl/workspace:run-commands",
    "options": {
    "cwd": "./",
    "commands": [
    "allure generate cypress/apps/myProject1/reportsAllure/allure-results --clean -o cypress/apps/myProject1/reportsAllure/allure-report",
    "node apps/myProject1/cypress/reporter/cucumberHtml.js"

    Jonathan Sarry
    Hey can someone explain what's the value of using an executor like the docker plugin vs nx:run-commands and just using thr commands option to execute the shell command?

    Hoping someone can help me out here... I have an angular Nx monorepo. We are developing some helpful node utilities, and I want to maintain them in the same repo. Everything was fine when we had only 1 node lib, but now we are splitting it out so we can have a node utility lib etc. Unfortunately, typescript aliases don't seem to be working out of the box.

    Simple repro:
    generate 2 libraries (say a consumer lib and a utility lib) with nx g @nrwl/node:library lib-name --buildable true
    update the consumer lib main file (src/index.ts) to import and execute the placeholder fn that the schematics put in the utility lib, referencing the typescript alias that was automatically added to tsconfig.base.json.

    Build both libs, then run the built file in the consumer lib. observe "Cannot find module" error.
    I'd expect this to work with no other configuration... Is there something I'm missing? Or, could anyone point me to an Nx Monorepo that contains multiple node libraries which can reference each other?
    Is it just not possible (or practical) to maintain node libs in the angular Nx monorepo?
    we are on Nrwl 14+
    Mauricio Aviles
    Hello - I need some fixes that made it to main in recent PRs but are not yet part of a release. Is there a way to get them without compiling nx myself?
    Mauricio Aviles
    @mxa0079 I don't believe the devs monitor this chat. Scrolling through the history over the past few months, don't see any dev participation.

    Hi guys,

    How do I export nx app as library? tried many way but it's failed...

    I do not want to deploy my nx apps instead I want to export (like library or package) install it.
    React NX
    Anyone help on this error "Error: Cannot find module 'nx/bin/run-executor.js'" after execute "npm install".
    React: can we publish nx app in npm as package library (by exporting it's internal components) ?
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    Claudio Savino
    Hello, I'm using nx generate @nrwl/workspace:library
    with --directory=libs
    but it creates a the directory libs/libs not libs
    John S.
    hey yall
    question - we have migrated from CRA -> 4 packages in lerna -> NX w/ lerna. Trying to implement remote-host app architecture. Do we need to do anything special to convert our existing lerna packages to be recognized as host apps?
    Yash Karanke
    How can we use nx's remote apps in lerna's packages ?
    Ricardo Dantas
    hello guys! I am trying to build a library but it is not generating the bundle with the dependencies. Does anyone know how to solve it?
    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to use nx library secondary entry point with non buildable/publishable library but command fail because it expects a package.json in the library folder.
    If anyone has information on how to use secondary entry points in nx workspace with angular please share ! :)
    Daniel Perez

    Hey there! I need some help y'all! I have a straightforward setup using circleCI with the NX orb and no matter what I try I get the following and projects are not built.... It feels like I'm missing something obvious here.

    NX   No projects with "build" that are configured for "production" were run

    This is how I'm running the build command for example (but it is happening with all targets):

    npx nx affected --base=$NX_BASE --head=$NX_HEAD --target=build --prod

    I also tried passing the --skip-nx-cache flag but it had no effect.

    Wolfram Sokollek
    Hi there, is it possible to mask an argument from the nx cloud computation cache. E.g. nx run test:e2e --key=someSecretKey? The secret key argument is revealed within the NX Cloud UI, Bash and Github PR Messages from NX-Cloud Github integration.
    Jordan Spivack
    Is this gitter still active? Seeing a lot of questions and not a lot of responses
    nam dohoang
    I everyone, is nx library import other nx library a good practice? I’m having an usecase where my Utility Library (buildable) is imported to another Component Library (buildable). The code runs serve just fine but when I build it, the Component Library throws errors as it cannot find the module from the Utility Library.
    Yi Kan Mario Mui
    Is there a way to manually add apps to nx , I can’t seem to find the documentation. I don’t want to always need to depend on an nx plugin every time I want to create an app. Like say I want to use tcrpio.

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what this error EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read means? I am trying to run this command in my project pnpm nx run netsuite:bundle-ns and there is the project configuration

          "bundle-ns": {
                "executor": "@nrwl/web:webpack",
                "options": {
                    "outputPath": "dist/apps/netsuite/src/FileCabinet",
                    "webpackConfig": "apps/netsuite/webpack.config.js",
                    "tsConfig": "apps/netsuite/tsconfig.app.json",
                    "main": "",
                    "index": ""

    I have a build configured with tsc and this works fine when I run the command pnpm build netsuite --prod

            "build": {
                "executor": "@nrwl/js:tsc",
                "outputs": [
                "options": {
                    "outputPath": "dist/apps/netsuite/src/FileCabinet",
                    "main": "",
                    "tsConfig": "apps/netsuite/tsconfig.app.json"
                "configurations": {
                    "production": {
                        "optimization": true,
                        "extractLicenses": true,
                        "inspect": false
    Tobias Madsen

    Hello! I am trying to build my own generator which is suspose to create files from ejs templates and then add it so a folder and the module directive.
    I am struggling with the last part - adding it to the modules. Is there any documentation on how to do such a thing?

    I've looked in to ts-morph, but I am at a very beginner level.

    Tobias Madsen
    it's probaly worth mentioning that I am using angular
    John Winston
    Hi can someone try and see if they can reproduce this bug? I am not able to run @nrwl/jest what so ever:
    npx create-nx-workspace happynrwl --preset=ts
    cd ./happynrwl
    nx generate @nrwl/js:library --name=hello-tsc --buildable
    npx nx run happynrwl:test
    do you get any error?
    Khairi Husseini

    Hello everyone. I am new to nx and just added it to one of our projects. before using nx each app/package built perfectly fine, but now that I am using nx I am getting a lot of type errors. one of them is in nestjs which I find weird that it comes up:

           ../../node_modules/@nestjs/common/cache/interceptors/cache.interceptor.d.ts(1,28): error TS7016: Could not find a declaration file for module 'rxjs'. '/Users/admin/src/diepartments/blab/ticketing/node_modules/rxjs/dist/cjs/index.js' implicitly has an 'any' type.

    does anyone have an idea how I can resolve this?

    oh a skipLibCheck: true in the package tsconfig did the trick