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Repo info
  • May 27 18:10

    matkoch on develop


  • May 27 18:10

    matkoch on 6.0.4

    Add second-chance registration … (compare)

  • May 27 00:50
    matkoch closed #892
  • May 27 00:49

    matkoch on 6.0.4

    Add second-chance registration … (compare)

  • May 27 00:46

    matkoch on 6.0.4

    Fix fatal failure of MSBuildLoc… Add second chance registration … (compare)

  • May 27 00:26

    matkoch on 6.0.4

    Fix Assert methods to accept IR… (compare)

  • May 27 00:07
    matkoch milestoned #930
  • May 27 00:07
    matkoch closed #863
  • May 27 00:03
    matkoch milestoned #920
  • May 27 00:03
    matkoch closed #913
  • May 27 00:02
    matkoch closed #889
  • May 27 00:02
    matkoch commented #889
  • May 27 00:02
    matkoch milestoned #889
  • May 27 00:01

    matkoch on 6.0.4

    Fix performance of GetGlobalIns… Fix missing arguments in DotNet… Obsolete CheckBuildProjectConfi… (compare)

  • May 26 23:26
    matt-richardson commented #920
  • May 26 23:23

    matkoch on develop

    Fix missing arguments in DotNet… (compare)

  • May 26 23:23
    matkoch closed #930
  • May 26 23:23
    matkoch commented #930
  • May 26 23:22

    matkoch on develop

    Fix performance of GetGlobalIns… (compare)

  • May 26 23:22
    matkoch closed #920
Andrew Stiver
Trying to login to a docker registry via the command line using a Process. Docker recommends not using the password parameter to enter the password because the password will appear in plaintext in the output and logs. Docker has another flag to receive the password from the STDIN, but I don't see a method within Nuke.Common.Tooling.ProcessTasks.StartProcess() to pass anything into the STDIN of the process. Any ideas on how to handle this?
Christian Sindberg
Is there a way to supply the sonar.coverageReportPaths analysis parameter to the SonarScannerTasks.SonarScannerBegin builder?
Almost seems like a cruel joke that Report Generator can export to SonarQube format, but I can't use it in the Scanner task? (Obviously I'm missing something)
Also, if there is some general way to do this for most tasks would be really helpful. Usually you know exactly which parameter to add, but I miss the method for it.
Matthias Koch
yes there is smth
it’s called PR :)
Christian Sindberg
@matkoch I'll have a look at it. Just didn't wanna reinvent anything if it was already there. :)
Matthias Koch
you can see what’s there on the task documentation
Christian Sindberg
@matkoch turns out i can actually add custom arguments using .SetProcessArgumentConfigurator I was just blind all along
Thanks for your input
And thank you for Nuke. It's really promising. If this project goes well, I'm going to try pusing it in the organization. :)
Matthias Koch
so no PR?
Christian Sindberg
@matkoch How do i update the SonarScannerTasks? I've added my changes to SonarScanner.json but I can't find any target that gets it done. :/
Christian Sindberg
Also yeah I'm doing the PR just needed a working solution for it first. :)
Christian Sindberg
Sry didnt see you moved to slack will post there instead.
Hi, playing a bit a round, and I want to update my appsettings.json file with some fields during the build. is there a good way to update exiting json file? or I just need to go with the Text.Json or similar
Hi all. I'm starting new project where I will use some sass and typescript compilations (.NET , not .NET Core). We are using JetBrains and Visual Studio 2019 for build server I want to use Nuke. what solution compiling sass and type script will be easiest to implement in VS, Rider, Nuke ? I'm thinking about webpack, but may be that there is other solution which will work in all 3 envs. On nuke side I want to use npmrun task.
Anyone know of a complex nuke build setups i could use for some inspiration / learning nuke? All i can find thus far, like the examples linked in the docs, are quite simple standalone projects
Sateesh Pagolu
Does anyone know if there is a way to run a shell command using Nuke? Or is Process.Start the only way?
Sateesh Pagolu
Found it.. ProcessTasks.StartProcess is the way to go. :)
Bragi Fannar Sigurðsson
Hello, does anybody here know how to integrate Bamboo into a build? I need to get access to the Bamboo variables.
I have been trying to use this: http://www.nuke.build/api/Nuke.Common/Nuke.Common.CI.Bamboo.Bamboo.html but with no luck.
Sateesh Pagolu
Hello, I am experimenting with Nuke Build's CI integration (TeamCity, to be specific). I am wondering if there is a way to run a Target (eg: DotNetBuild) in docker container. Like how the DotnetBuildStep can be run on a docker container by setting dockerImage property in kotlin DSL.
Sateesh Pagolu
Sorry, any thoughts on the above? I assume it is not possible yet?
Naveen Anto Alangararaj
Is the nuke.build site down?
Jason Finch
@nnanto it is for me
Jason Finch
New to nuke, is there a way with DotNetPack for packing nugets, to exclude certain projects when targeting a solution, or is the best approach to SetProject for each individual project to pack omitting the ones not to pack?
1 reply
Matthias Koch
Matthias Koch

This chat is no longer tracked. Join Slack at https://slofile.com/slack/nukebuildnet
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 5.1.1 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed parameter loading with missing default parameters file
  • Fixed visibility of Directory.Build files
  • Fixed ArgumentsFromCommitMessageAttribute to require manual application
  • Fixed summary reporting for exceptions to only include first line of message
  • Fixed update notification
  • Fixed PowerShell invocation from build.cmd
  • Fixed Update and Setup command to not stage parameters file
  • Fixed Update command for absent bootstrapping scripts
  • Fixed skipping unhandled syntax fragments in Cake conversion
  • Fixed missing Instance properties for IBuildServer implementations
  • Fixed GitHubActions default cache path
  • Fixed missing property for GitHubActions workflow inputs
  • Fixed quoting in GitHubActions for included/excluded paths
  • Fixed XmlPoke to allow specifying encoding
  • Fixed ExternalFilesTask for single file browse-URL
  • Fixed ICompile, IPack, ITest components to check against SucceededTargets
  • Fixed setting RepositoryUrl in IPack component
Bernhard Windisch

Trying to get Nuke work with Github Actions using Windows Server.
But always get following error message:

NUKE Execution Engine version 5.1.1 (Windows,.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.1)

> C:\Users\runneradmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\dotnet\dotnet.exe C:\Users\runneradmin\.nuget\packages\gitversion.tool\5.6.9\tools\net5.0\any\gitversion.dll /nocache /nofetch
Warning: Process 'dotnet.exe' exited with code 1.
   > C:\Users\runneradmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\dotnet\dotnet.exe C:\Users\runneradmin\.nuget\packages\gitversion.tool\5.6.9\tools\net5.0\any\gitversion.dll /nocache /nofetch
   @ D:\a\ActionsTest\ActionsTest

   at Nuke.Common.Tooling.ProcessExtensions.AssertZeroExitCode(IProcess process)
   at Nuke.Common.Tools.GitVersion.GitVersionTasks.GitVersion(GitVersionSettings toolSettings)
   at Nuke.Common.Tools.GitVersion.GitVersionTasks.GitVersion(Configure`1 configurator)
   at Nuke.Common.Tools.GitVersion.GitVersionAttribute.GetValue(MemberInfo member, Object instance)
   at Nuke.Common.ValueInjection.ValueInjectionAttributeBase.<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<TryGetValue>b__0()

Can't get it to work...
Tried with different Attribute Parameters

[GitVersion(Framework="net5.0", NoFetch = true)] readonly GitVersion GitVersion;
[GitVersion(Framework="netcoreapp3.1", NoFetch = true)] readonly GitVersion GitVersion;

And also tried "GitVersion.Tools" and "GitVersion.Commandline"

Anyone can help? Or give ma a hint in the right direction??
Test Repo can be found here:

Matthias Koch

​This chat is no longer tracked. Join Slack at https://slofile.com/slack/nukebuildnet
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 5.1.4 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed StronglyTypedSolutionGenerator to resolve root directory only on demand
  • Fixed JetBrains.Annotations to be packed with source generators
  • Fixed missing SpaceAutomation configuration link
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 5.2.0 IS OUT!!!
  • Added telemetry data collection
  • Added unified NukeBuild.Partition property
  • Added Rider, VisualStudio, VSCode as Host implementations
  • Added GitRepository.IsOnMainBranch and IsOnMainOrMasterBranch
  • Added AbsolutePath equality operators
  • Fixed SpaceAutomation to generate default refSpec
  • Changed Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp package version to 3.9.0
  • Removed Refit reference and ITeamCityRestClient interface
  • Removed Colorful.Console reference and embedded figlet fonts
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 5.2.1 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed telemetry
  • Fixed humanized string concatenation
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 5.3.0 IS OUT!!!
  • Added LFS and Submodule settings in AzurePipelines configuration
  • Added OctoVersionTasks and OctoVersionAttribute
  • Added AzureSignToolTasks
  • Added ChocolateyTasks
  • Fixed invocations for PowerShell bootstrapping script
  • Fixed retrieval of version_dotnet_sdk in telemetry
  • Fixed solution serialization to show information about duplicated entries
  • Fixed path construction to be lazy for in-memory solutions that get saved
  • Fixed GitHubTasks.GetGitHubBrowseUrl to trim trailing slash
  • Fixed GitVersionAttribute.Framework default value to net5.0
  • Fixed URLs in ChangeLogTasks
  • Fixed DotNetTestSettings.Loggers property to accept multiple values
  • Fixed default value emission for DotCoverTasks
  • Fixed missing properties for GitVersionTasks
  • Fixed missing secret attributes in SonarScannerTasks
  • Fixed NerdbankGitVersioningFormat enumeration to use lower-case
Hi guys! I 'm new to nuke and I found a lot of methods for work with docker. But I can't find how to execute docker-compose up . Is it some reason for this or just not implemented yet feature? And is there most convient way to do that now ?
Matias Korn
Can i get MsBuild Macro values in a nuke build target? Specifically i want to access TargetPlatformSdkPath
Satish Viswanathan
Hi, I just started using nuke build, try to use BenchmarkDotNet. To use this feature it seems like we need to install the package BenchmarkDotNet.Tool. I'm using a dotnet 5 (tried in core 3.1) project and doesn't seem to be compatible. Anyone noticed this issue or am i missing something.
Also is it possible to create a Target to run Dotnet format command
Paweł Sroczyński

Hello everyone :)

I'm wondering how to think correctly about Targets vs AzurePipeline jobs, that are generated based on Targets.
Every Target is reflected by a job in an Azure yaml.
What if would like to have Compile target and Publish target separated, and Publish is dependent on Compile and configured with --no-build and --no-restore flags.
In Azure jobs may be executed in different agents, so the compiled source is not visible at Publish job anymore.

Is there a way to share the compiled source for the Publish task in jobs in Azure, or I'm not doing that correctly?
Maybe I don't understand some concept about the separated targets here, that are reflected in yam as a separated jobs?

Matthias Koch

​This chat is no longer tracked. Join Slack at https://slofile.com/slack/nukebuildnet
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 6.0.1 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed invisible output for SystemConsoleHostTheme
  • Fixed GetRelativePath for same parts in different places
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 6.0.2 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed Update command to use net6.0
  • Fixed handling of common errors
  • Fixed assertion messages to only include argument expression when message is null
  • Fixed log file pattern to use - instead of : for time
  • Fixed padding of target names in logging
  • Fixed logging to use ExecutingTarget instead of Target to reduce clashing
  • Fixed concurrent writing of shell-completion files
  • Fixed telemetry to check for interactive console
  • Fixed passing build instance for value injection in components
  • Fixed ValueInjectionAttributeBase.GetMemberValue to consider members from components
  • Fixed resolution of members from parameter files
  • Fixed reporting of exceptions in summary when not thrown from targets
  • Fixed naming for .NET SDK in bootstrapping scripts
  • Fixed GitHub Actions to use GITHUB_TOKEN instead of GITHUB_CONTEXT
  • Fixed GitHub Actions assertion messages
  • Fixed missing output types for ReportGeneratorTasks
  • Fixed missing arguments for HelmTasks
  • Fixed missing arguments for SonarScannerTasks
  • Fixed missing command for KubernetesTasks
  • Fixed path resolution in PowerShellTasks to use PowerShell Core on non-Windows systems
  • Fixed missing runtime types in NSwagTasks
Matthias Koch
@/all :mega::shipit: NUKE 6.0.3 IS OUT!!!
  • Fixed exception handling in various places
  • Fixed shell-completion file to be written after parameter resolution
  • Fixed SpecialFolders.UserProfile on Docker
  • Fixed SolutionSerializer to work on sanitized content
  • Fixed GitRepository branch extensions to consider plurals
  • Fixed handling of spaces in GitHub Actions and Azure Pipeline generation
  • Fixed resolution of MSBuild for Visual Studio Build Tools edition
Hi @matkoch, I have a question. I am library author of Vernuntii, a versioning tool and would really like to see a tool class (Nuke.Common.Tool.Vernuntii) for it in the future. Is it allowed or are there concrete requirements and conditions? Would I be able to open a pull request that is conform with this guide: "https://nuke.build /docs/writing-addons/code-generation.html"?
Ólafur Helgi Jónsson
Hi, I'm trying to use nuke build with bitbucket pipelines and one of my targets is pushing a package to our octopus server. I'm getting the following error: Cannot open assembly '/root/.nuget/packages/octopustools/9.0.0/tools/octo.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image. Does anyone have ideas about what could be causing this error?