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Oct 2017
Lori A. Burns
Oct 02 2017 19:10
Hi, I’m involved in a quantum chemistry project psi4numpy that supports research and education by using NumPy for numerics (as-is; no forking or modifications) and a quantum chemistry package Psi4 for specialized quantities. It’s an ordinary nonprofit cross-university software project. A NumPy contributor @dgasmith is the project lead. We’ve hybridized the psi4 and numpy logos into this. Is there any objection from the NumPy dev team to our using this? (It appears in miniscule in the journal article to be submitted shortly.) Or advice on a more appropriate forum on which to ask? Feel free to discuss at psi4/psi4numpy#34
Nathan Goldbaum
Oct 02 2017 19:55
i would ask on the numpy mailing list, not here
Lori A. Burns
Oct 02 2017 20:01
Thanks, @ngoldbaum, will do.
Jan Jansen
Oct 02 2017 21:09
Hello all,
i have a input arrray "in" and an array i want to create which has some output "out". How can i change the function which maps the input to the output depending on the value of the input.
eg. i want for in < x : function a and for in > x: function b . But both intervals should write into the same array so i have the same out size as in size.
is there a way to do this easy and neatly?