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Repo info
    Simon Pieters
    I could use some help in getting a working dev environment set up (in Windows 10). First time developing on Windows! I've tried to follow the steps in the readme, but got stuck on scons source. Should I manually install each build time dependency? How? Which terminal should I use? (Windows Prompt, PowerShell, Windows Terminal, git-for-windows, Windows Subsystem for Linux + Ubuntu, ...) What's the recommended way to install Python 3.7 32-bit? (The only way I found was downloading the right exe from python.org.)
    Simon Pieters
    OK I've now managed to get things set up so I can build and run NVDA, and run systemTests. Though some system tests are failing. Is that expected?
    Simon Pieters

    I wasn't able to build NVDA, only prepare the source tree. Building fails with:
    scons: * [source\lib64\IAccessible2proxy.dll] (path): Access is denied
    scons: building terminated because of errors.

    Any ideas? Should I file issues in the repo instead of asking here?

    Simon Pieters
    Rebooting got rid of that error, I'm guessing IAccessible2proxy.dll was running somehow. "Falling back to loader to get code for module pywintypes", which throws
    Cllr Louis Stephen 🌍
    Hello. I recently produced a newsletter using powerpoint and used the accessibility wizard to set the read order correctly, added titles and alternative text. I converted it to a PDF and the box was ticked for the accessibility features to be carried through. The PDF was read fine on apple but on a windows laptop the words where read out as one long word. Where can I get help to ensure that what we produce is truly compatible with NVDA when using power point? Any tips or advice you can give me? Louis
    Hello, I am a Teacher of Visually Impaired students who is currently working on using NVDA with GSuite apps. I work with my student over Zoom right now, and we have ran into the problem that the hot keys for Zoom screen sharing controls and hot keys for entering the canvas and film roll in google slides are the same (Control+Alt+Shift). Has anybody ran into these problems and have an idea of how to work around this?
    Saurabh Prasad
    Hello, I want to know if javaFX is accessible with NVDA. Java swing was accessible to a great extent but I am not able to work in javaFX. Can someone please suggest the required configuration and settings to accomplish accessibility? OR please inform if it is not accessible at all.
    I am having trouble installing 2020.3 on my Windows 10 machine. I click on the install file; I hear the music and the install exits. I have checked for NVDA folders from previous installs in the program folders and appdata and there is none. Any ideas, what is wrong? I have tried to install prior versions of the software (2020.1 & 2019.1.3) and I get the same results.

    Hi, We are a group of Master degree students at the institute of technology and management, TU Berlin. This Questionnaire is a part of our research for the term paper we are working on.

    Please fill the questionnaire. The link is given below:

    You don't necessarily need to be a FOSS contributor to fill the form. We appreciate all the input!

    If you encounter issues when filling the form, please feel free to reach out to us from our contacts that you can find below.

    Thank you for your time in advance,

    Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Contacts: ozkepir.tugce@gmail.com ; sulemansamuelgill.ssg@gmail.com


    I'am working on a simple application and I want it to make it accessible through screen readers. Problem Area : Screen Readers on web pages Actual Behavior : I see that the screen reader waits for the page to load completely(excluding the dynamically generated elements) and then it starts reading from top to bottom What I expect : I want the screen reader to start reading based on a condition say after a div gets injected dynamically I have tried a multiple ways to make the content accessible using aria-live, aria-busy, focus() methods. My code is as below :

    <div><h1>NVDA TEST</h1></div>

    <iframe src="http://localhost:3000" title="iframe" style="height: 500px; width: 100%;"></iframe>

    <footer><span>Hello Company</span>
    <span style="float: right">Terms and conditions Apply</span></footer>
    I want the above behavior to be implemented in a bigger application Thank you in advance


    Hi, we are working on a project to support NVDA for accessibility. Our issue is NVDA doesn't read the link as link.

    For example, <a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a>, NVDA only reads "Google" but not "Google (pause a bit)... link" like what ChromeVox does.

    This is not ideal, because we'd like to have it to be indicative for visually impaired users.

    Thank you for taking time to look into this issue. And wish you all happy holidays.

    hi, I am trying to get the Speech Viewer dump in one go for PDF/UA into a text file. Is it possible using Python or NVDA Controller Client API? If yes, could someone guide me a bit? I would appreciate it.
    Joel Dodson
    Hi @BigBigDuck . you can configure NVDA to apeak, or not speak, specific THML elements. Look at the NVDA settings under document presentation for which elements are announced. I thought links were announced by default, but I haven't installed NVDA fresh for many versions. I turned off link announcements as I found them annoying on pages with lots of links. If I'm looking for links, I'll generally type 'k' to go to a link (though I then often have to arrow around to understand the context for that link). To get to NVDA settings, you can type the NVDA key (insert by default) plus'n' (i.e., insert+n) then 'p' then 's' will get you to NVDA settings. Arrow down to find document presentation. hth.
    Joel Dodson
    sorry @BigBigDuck , I should not try to go by memory. It's document formatting category you want. Object presentation is a different category.
    Hi I would like to have NVDA only narrate when i press a button is this a thing i can do?
    I am using NVDA in my Vue.js app. The NVDA is not reading correct number of rows when i am rendering the dynamic rows using foreach loop. The row numbers always shows incorrect.
    Olá pessoal como fazer para o nvda ler textos no Google Chrome sem parar quando tem um link ou palavra destacada, porque eu quero que ele lê direto o parágrafo e ele fica parando na hora que tem um link ou uma palavra que tá em destaque Isso me incomoda muito. Será que não existe nenhuma configuração ou algum complemento para ele ler parágrafo sem pausas, por favor me ajudem.
    it does not seem there is any support here...
    Hi, I have issue that NVDA can't read ALT Text in IE 11 . I have Power BI Desktop report has provided ALT Text for Graph. When i load this report into iframe or open this report in power bi desktop report server with embed mode, it does not read any ALT text. Please guide.
    carrie rosenthal
    Hi, I am having an issue where I cannot get NVDA to recognise a link to a blog post on the website I made through Wix. Is someone able to help me with this?
    I have built some components in angular9 that use the arrow keys to toggle dropdowns and select options. When I have NVDA Running my components do not receive keydown and keypress events. Can anyone tell me how to make this work with NVDA?
    Mike Poole

    Hi - we are just in the process of starting to test our Bootstrap heavy website through the excellent NVDA
    Within Chrome, if I have the following markup, NVDA will just not read out the value of the aria-label and is continuing to read the button label instead. Am I missing something?

    <button aria-label="This is what the screen reader should read out" type="button" class="btn btn-primary" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#exampleModal" >Launch modal</button>

    You only need the aria label if there is no actual label (or if the label is a graphic).
    Mike Poole
    Thanks @RonnBlack - I am slightly confused though. Is there a way to have a visible table but ALSO a label that the screen reader will use instead? We have a site that clients configure though a CMS and we end up with some buttons that, for example, are labelled "Enter" but the context is from text/graphic above. We would love to keep the label but have the screen reader say "Enter the portal to view your details"
    The visible label needs to be associated with the input field through the Id field. That way the screen reader knows what label to announce when it lands on the input.
    For example:

    <label for="night-mode">Night mode</label>

    <input type="checkbox" id="night-mode">

    If you have a Label field (or any text element for that matter) that you don't want announced you can use "aria-hidden" attribute.
    I wouldn't recommend that approach.. You could get pushback from certification agencies or end users.. No ARIA is better than bad ARIA https://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-practices-1.1/#no_aria_better_bad_aria
    One last thing about this.. If the label happens to be a font icon (like material icons) the screen reader might announce the icon name which isn't helpful. That is one case where it might make sense.
    Hello, I am having an issue with NVDA and my password manager (1Password). The issue means that in certain and common scenarios, I am unable to interact with the 1Password unlock screen. This issue occurs when I use CTRL + SHIFT + \ which is a shortcut to open the 1Password app. It also occurs when I use windows key + 3 to open the app if NVDA focus is on the desktop (like the recycle bin etc.) but it works fine if the focus is on the taskbar or another window. I have narrowed it down to NVDA as this issue does not occur on Narrator. This issue also occurs on my laptop as well. I've tried older versions of NVDA and 1Password and it seems to occur even on older versions. Using the CTRL + Shift + \ shortcut, the bug occurs every time, no matter where the focus is. Using Windows key + 3 (1Password is the 3rd position on my taskbar) it only occurs randomly and doesn't matter where the focus is, but the desktop is more likely to trigger the bug.
    Hi there, I'm trying to install NVDA but when i click the installer the music plays, it says "please wait while setup is loading" and then the box just disappears and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Hi, I am trying to create Alt-text for an equation for a math test. This equation has the square root of a formula multiplying items divided by a number. Would the alt text be best to include paren references for order of operations or not? I can include specific comparisons if it helps
    Alex Migneault
    hi, anyone know why everytime i go to install nvda the installation screens are in another alphabet burmanese i believe ?

    Hi folks, someone asked a question about NVDA's treatment of radio buttons for a snippet of HTML like this:

    <div role="radio">
    <div>Text 1</div>
    <div>Text 2</div>

    When navigating through this snippet with "Previous/Next Line" actions (i.e. - just up arrow/down arrow), it announces "Radio button Text 1", "Radio Button Text 2". Is this the expected behavior?

    Dave James
    Has anyone used NVDA with data acquisition software, like Campbell Scientific LoggerNet?
    Also has anyone used NVDA with specialized engineering modeling software, either FLOW3D or TrafficWare Synchro or SimTraffic? thank you!
    Hi, I am testing my web page with NVDA. In firefox it reads radio button text on mouseover but not in Chrome. The following link is an example for the behavior https://webaim.org/techniques/forms/controls#radio. Any help is appreciated.
    Hi,everyone, Does anyone know how to output speech viewer's content to a txt file?or How could I combine accessible_output2 and NVDA? I want to write some python code
    to get speech viewer's content
    If you know that, please reply me. That gonna be a huge help for me!!!
    Steve Katz
    Hi all - I'm Steve
    Mynvda is not doing continuous reading now ( in microsoft word & firefox web pages) [ numpad 0 + down arrow]. I'm using code factory nvda voice plugin. Re-installed with an update, but still not orking. Any suggestions (probably a setting somewhere). Thanks.
    I dont know how 2 use this board, is there a place 2 chat 2 nvda support? Thx.
    after reading some here I reset to factory settings and now continuous reading is working. thx.
    Has idea been explored separating out NVDA accessibility API into its own library that can be utilized for other use cases UI Automation testing and speech control? Doing so has some advantages such as increasing testability and contributions upstream NVDA application.
    Hi, when using NVDA the reading stops in front of hyperlinks, for instance, when reading Wikipedia articles. When scrolling the cursor on the hyperlink, the corresponding hyperlink-text is read to me. However, the text after the hyperlink is not read to me. Hence, my question is by which hotkey-combination can I read the whole passage, without stopping for hyperlinks. Many thanks in advance!
    I'm creating a webpage, but when I'm trying to read it through NVDA it's in a continuous sentence... I'm wondering what I can do to fix this. It works on Firefox, but not Chrome or Brave.
    NVDA does not use the alt tag for combo boxes, it says "Combo box 1 collapsed" in the alt tag I have "Culture Dropdown Box". What do I need to do to get NVDA to say the alt tag?
    Go Crypto
    Hey guys and gals. Just wondering if anyone can assist with NVDA not speaking out any text in Chief Architect? It worked perfect up until the X6 release of Chief Architect and now nothing, I mean nada is read out, no buttons, no menu items nothing. I haven't changed any settings in NVDA as it's working perfect in all other Windows applications. Could it be they have built the new versions of Chief Architect on an "Image" based system or is there a setting in NVDA that might need playing with? Thanks in advance :)