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is there a way to make current buffer fuzzy to exact match ?
Nicolas Wormser
In the telescope-file-browser extension, how do you open the browser in "folder_browser" mode? Can't find documentation for this.
nevermind, didn't read far enough
<C-f>/f toggle_browser Toggle between file and folder browser
Would be good to know how to open directly in folder mode though, in lua
Martin Roa Villescas
Hi everyone. Quick question: Is there a function similar to action_state.get_selected_entry() that I can use to get the entry previous or next to the selected one?
1 reply
Esteban Hidalgo
Hey! Does someone has any idea why I keep getting this error?
It happens randomly but frequently when I type something in the search bar
nvim 0.8.0 and minimal telescope configuration
Vasco de Graaff
Would it be possible to make an index of all the functions and files in a project and use telescope to find the file and jump to the location of that function?
Colby Thomas
Hey! Does anyone have any resources / tips on wrapping an existing picker and adding a few new options for it? I have a handful of extensions for telescope I occasionally reach for, but not enough for having a map. Either way, I really like the idea behind the telescope.builtin.builtin fn that just provides a list of all the available pickers. I'd like to extend that function by adding my extensions to the list. Essentially a builtin_plus_extension method haha. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this?
Colby Thomas
builtin.builtin({ include_extensions = true })
nvm, already exsists!
Harry Zhu
Hi everyone
today i discovered that my esc key does not put telescope in normal mode
but it was working yesterday... does anyone know why?
Harry Zhu
is this problem happening to anyone else?

Hi everyone! Currently I have the following vimgrep_arguments:

            vimgrep_arguments = {

Since I find it useful if for example live_grep also searches in dotfiles (eg .gitlab-ci.yml etc). However this also matches stuff in .git which I don't want so I tried to add


to the above table. However then I get no matches at all. But running the corresponding rg command manually in a terminal does give matches. Anyone has some idea of why?


Seems like it should be


ie without the inner quotes

Three M. Cerny
how do i make it startup on launch
it used to for me
not anymore loll
I have a question, can someone help me with this: it will take long time to see preview result when i use builtin.current_buffer_fuzzy_find on large file, i guess the reasion is treesitter, it take long time, is there any way to get the previewer use regex highlight intead of treesitter on large file
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Masood Rezazadeh
Hi, it's about two weeks that Telescope current_buffer_fuzzy_find throws this error. when i checked again it seems the current_buffer_fuzzy_find command is no longer available in nvim autocompletion too
1 reply
Error executing Lua callback: ...r/start/telescope.nvim/lua/telescope/builtin/__files.lua:413: attempt to call method '_get_hl_from_capture' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
        ...r/start/telescope.nvim/lua/telescope/builtin/__files.lua:413: in function 'v'
        ...r/start/telescope.nvim/lua/telescope/builtin/__files.lua:529: in function 'v'
Colby Thomas
does anyone know if it's possible to set up the builtin live_grep so that it auto escapes?
Colby Thomas
in other words, can i make it do a string search vs regex
1 reply
you're probably looking for --fixed-strings
Colby Thomas
  defaults = {
    vimgrep_arguments = {
      -- telescope defaults
      -- custom
@kylo252:matrix.org ty!
Anjan Shomodder

hey, everyone. I need a help.
I am using a monorepo. The file structure kinda looks like this.

├── api
│   ├── jest.config.js
│   ├── package.json
│   ├── server.config.js
│   ├── src
│   │   └── services
│   │       └── users
│   │           ├── users.scenarios.ts
│   │           ├── users.test.ts
│   │           └── users.ts
│   ├── tsconfig.json
│   └── types
│       └── graphql.d.ts
|── web
│   ├── jest.config.js
│   ├── package.json
│   ├── server.config.js
│   ├── src
│   │   └── app.tsx
│   │   └── index.tsx
│   │   └── about.tsx
├── graphql.config.js
├── jest.config.js
├── package.json
├── prettier.config.js

Suppose I open up the entire repo in neovim. Then if I open up a file from /api directory and try to find a file outside of the /api directory, I can't find any file. How do I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

My telescope config:

local status_ok, telescope = pcall(require, "telescope")
if not status_ok then

local actions = require "telescope.actions"

telescope.setup {
  defaults = {

    prompt_prefix = " ",
    selection_caret = " ",
    path_display = { "smart" },
    file_ignore_patterns = { ".git/", "node_modules" },

    mappings = {
      i = {
        ["<Down>"] = actions.cycle_history_next,
        ["<Up>"] = actions.cycle_history_prev,
        ["<C-j>"] = actions.move_selection_next,
        ["<C-k>"] = actions.move_selection_previous,
Julian Fricker
Personally I use tabs for this, each tab has it's own current directory using :tcd directory. I've used this workflow since fzf was released and after moving to telescope I wrote an extension to help me https://github.com/TC72/telescope-tele-tabby.nvim
Moka Schitta
does anybody know of a telescope based find and replace (across multiple files) addon? I have been using the quickfixlist/cfdo approach so far but am getting annoyed about having to type the search term twice (once for telescope and once for %s/.../). Any ideas?
Stevan Milic
hey all, is it possible to hide popup window till the search is complete (or just keep it hidden)? I'm using an on_complete function that auto-selects entry if it's the only result, and I'm trying to prevent telescope window showing at all in that case.
hello everyone, is it possible to ask for help in the config here?
How do I search all my code + imported libraries?
I made two easy requests for the nvim-telescope/ repositroies.
Could you review and merge them?
Austin Liu
could someone kindly explain what the difference between live_grep and grep_string is?
how to disable telescope use treesitter highlight when preview large file
Daniel Rodríguez Rivero
hello, are the options for layout_config documented somewhere?
Matheus Fillipe

is there a way to search in the parent directory with telescope all the time?



  • a.md
  • b.md
    • c.md
    • d.md

Now if I open a file with telescope say file a.md this will take me to dir1(which sets to be cwd) and I no longer can search with telescope for file c.md.

Sometimes I need to search for a text in dir2 that is referenced from dir1.

Louis DeLosSantos
hello, is there a way to supply both options and the dropdown theme to 'builtin.buffers' ?
I tried getting the table from 'themes.dropdown' and adding the necessary options to it, but that seemed to break the function all together.
Thijs Smudde
Hey, I have an issue with installation: Error in packer_compiled: ...pack/packer/start/packer.nvim/plugin/packer_compiled.lua:649: module 'plugins.telescope' not found
:checkhealth telescope is al OK.
:PackerInstall also says everything is fine