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Adam Lynch
@cupofnestor unfortunately, you'll need to look through the issues. It's not straightforward right now I'm afraid. We're just about to tackle this and fix everything. See nwjs/nw-builder#327
Evshiron Magicka
@cupofnestor If you are in a hurry you can use evshiron/nw-builder or nwjs-builder.
Evshiron Magicka


Use the new versions.json instead of hitting dl.nwjs.io. Ignore versions with pre-release/build metadata in the version to begin with (i.e. -rc1, -alpha2, etc). Since we want to make this backwards compatible, we should still use dl.nwjs.io, etc. for legacy versions. (#275)

What does this mean? Do we need to support versions which aren't listed in versions.json? I don't think legacy versions other than 0.12.3 should be supported though. In nwjs-builder, I do an addition parsing to convert nw-builder style to nwjs-download style.

@evshiron Thanks, I think I'll just leave a copy of the SDK version in my dist direcory and test my app that way. Once I get all of my nwjs-specific code debugged, I can package manually.
Evshiron Magicka
@cupofnestor You don't have to really.
@evshiron Have to which? Package manually?
Evshiron Magicka
@cupofnestor Both. At the moment nw-builder is in plan to catch up modern nw.js versioning. Before that I think nwjs-builder is suitable for you. Feel free to try it out and feedback is appreciated.
I'm using grunt-nw-builder, works for me for now.
I'm having one small problem though, I keep an SDK version of nwjs in my dist folder for debugging, but I can't get nwjs to ignore it. Does grunt-nw-js support negate patterns in src: ?
nwjs : {
      options: {
        platforms: ['osx64'],
        version: 'v0.14.0',
        buildDir: './build', // Where the build version of my NW.js app is saved
      src: ['!<%= yeoman.dist %>/nwjs.app{,*/}*', '<%= yeoman.dist %>/**/*' ] // Your NW.js app
Adam Lynch
@/all anyone got an idea why the name of the app doesn't match what the terminal says it is? It won't open
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 22.08.20.png
Adam Lynch


2.2.1 released :D Newer versions are supported now, etc. https://github.com/nwjs/nw-builder/issues/327#issuecomment-230113373

Lasse Korsgaard
Hi, is there a way to disable access to DevTools in a built app?
I have two pages,login.html and index.html,all both import global.js(init tray menu and menu's click event),when login.html run 'window.location.href=index.html',tray can't be used, who can help me? please
Adam Lynch
@lassse you can now do this with version 3.1.0. You must pass normal for the flavoroption. See https://github.com/nwjs/nw-builder#optionsflavor
@Hsinky That's more of an NW.js question. Maybe try https://gitter.im/nwjs/nw.js or StackOverflow
Cañadas Pascal
hi, I have a problem with this module, I don't undertand where i have do the error: nwjs/grunt-nw-builder#157. An Idea?
nw-builder is not finding my build folder.
Mike Botsko
I'm having trouble getting nw-builder to see my source folder. I've got files: '../dist/**/**' and I've tried variations of that but it always says "No files matching". I verified the path is correct by checking __dirname of the script
weird, using path.join(__dirname, '..') did the trick
Thomas Höbelt
Hi, am i right that single exe style is only possible for Windows with current versions of nwjs, on linux i cant find a way to execute the file MYAPP which is created along nw_100_percent.pax etc etc
Emem Umoh
hello ..how can I start backend when building my project..thanks in advance
Joachim Bergstrøm
Anyone around?
Habibul Ali Shah
Is the room still active?
Hi guys, I can't install the module. Do you know why? nwjs-community/nw-builder#507