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    Welcome to the Shape Repo Gitter Chat!
    Sarven Capadisli
    Consider offering an LDN inbox for shape submittions.
    Michiel de Jong
    You should share your medium post on the solid/chat gitter
    I would like to add a couple of new schemas. For peer-to-peer ledger I have Snap messages in Turtle, which look like:
    Michiel de Jong
    And for friend requests I use two shapes: into the person's inbox I send:
    and then at that "dataAtSource" URI I put:
    I'm open to using other predicates, of course, I just picked these at random, really
    My addressbooks that support peer-to-peer messaging look like this:

    @prefix : <#>.
    @prefix terms: http://www.w3.org/ns/solid/terms#.
    @prefix our: <snap/Bob/our-in/>.
    @prefix n0: https://ledgerloops.com/contacts/#.
    @prefix c: <../bob/profile/card#>.
    @prefix n: http://www.w3.org/2006/vcard/ns#.
    @prefix ou: <snap/Bob/our-out/>.
    @prefix n1: <../bob/snap/Call%20me%20Al/our-in/>.

    terms:our-in our:;
    terms:our-out ou:;
    terms:their-in n1:;
    n0:nick "Bob";
    n0:webId c:me.
    :friends n:hasMember :f2bdd4a0-3e6d-400d-8c05-446eaca33b78 .

    Awesome! Thanks so much @michielbdejong I’ll add them today!
    Okay I did my best to turn it into a shape. But there may have been some things I got wrong. Any feedback @michielbdejong ? https://shaperepo.com/shapes?id=https%3A%2F%2Fshaperepo.com%2Fschemas%2FledgerLoop
    Michiel de Jong
    Thanks! Yes, I have a few ideas for improvement. There are basically several separate things here, Solid friend requests which come from https://github.com/inrupt/friend-requests-exploration, Solid addressbooks which come from https://github.com/solid/solid-panes/blob/master/Documentation/conventions.md#address-book (I assume you have those already but I can't find them on https://shaperepo.com/search?), and SNAP messages which come from https://github.com/ledgerloops/snap-solid#snap-solid-as-used-in-nlt-kit it's fair to say are LedgerLoops-specific. And to be really nitpicky, my project name is LedgerLoops (plural and Pascal case), not ledgerLoop ;)
    The solid:our-in, solid-our-out and solid:their-in are used for peer-to-peer chat, although in my app my special interest is that I send money-transaction messages as well as basic free-text messages which we would normally think of for chat / instant messaging (one of Solid's roadmap goals for this month as we heard yesterday!).