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Tóth Róbert
@aantron Guess I will try to make the second option work, because the first option isn't really space efficient. Thanks for the answer.
Avni Fatehpuria
I just made my first PR, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on what issue to work on next? I'm fairly familiar with OCaml, but new to open-source + large codebases in genera
Anton Bachin
@AvniFatehpuria thanks, i'm currently reviewing the PR. it's tricky code :)
I think Lwt is out of truly easy issues. you may want to browse around other projects that you use/know of
you could of course try something more complicated in Lwt, or try publishing some code of your own :)
Avni Fatehpuria
I would be happy to try something more complicated
Is there something in particular I should look at?
Thank you for all your help!
Didier Le Botlan
Hi Lwt lobby (is someone still there ? last message seems one year ago).
slekaml Salut Didier!
slekaml Oh sorry I mistook this chan for the chan of the people who took the ocaml mooc
Didier Le Botlan

@matrixbot slekaml (Salut ! Et qui est slekaml ?)

Anyway, I have run into a curious pb :

let open Lwt_io in
let () = Printf.printf "FLUSH-1.1b\n%!" in          
flush stderr ;%lwt
let () = Printf.printf "FLUSH-1.1c\n%!" in
The above code blocks at flush (FLUSH-1.1b is printed, but not FLUSH-1.1c)
BUT, this occurs in a very big program, involving ocsigenserver, eliom, various libraries of mine. Of course, I am unable to reproduce it in a small example.
Question : how can possibly flush stderr block ?
Hint : it really blocks the process. CTRL+C has no effect on the running process.
Didier Le Botlan

Other hint : I have a periodic (debug) task which prints dots :

 let rec loop () =
    Lwt_io.printf "." ;%lwt
    Lwt_unix.sleep 0.1 ;%lwt
    loop ()

As the FLUSH blocks, this loop may block or not (same executable launched a couple of times : once it prints dots repeatedly, but FLUSH is blocked, once it does not print dots and FLUSH is also blocked).

Finally, I am using lwt.4.3.0 (opam pin --dev-repo), ocaml 4.08.1
Anton Bachin
@lebotlan I'm not sure why it would hang like that. Looking at the code, it seems like Lwt_bytes.write would have to hang, emptying the internal Lwt_io channel buffer. I suggest to either narrow the case as much as you can, by deleting huge chunks of code from a second copy of your project, or to put lwt as a sibling project of yours into a dune workspace and instrument Lwt_io with prints to get a better idea of what is going on
as for gitter, it still sends me notifications :) though issues is easier, because the notifications are immediate, whereas gitter delays them. i may disable gitter because of that
Didier Le Botlan

@aantron Thank you for your reply (I wasn't sure this deserved an issue :) )
I'll follow your advice (and also try some other hacks that came to my mind).

For the moment, the bug has disappeared (also I am pretty sure I have not recompiled, only changed the environment - IP, dual screen). So it seems non-deterministic.

My guess is that it is some sort of race-condition, which might be difficult to reproduce in a small program. Anyway, I'll see what I can do.
Anton Bachin
also check this issue, which has just been solved in master: ocsigen/lwt#704. it affected Lwt programs that called fork, on glibc > 2.24 (not sure exactly which version of glibc introduced the problem). if you used opam pin --dev-repo, you are likely not using exactly lwt 4.3.0. to be sure about which commit you are using, do a normal git clone, check git log, and then do opam pin add lwt .
Didier Le Botlan
Thanks, I'll have a look. First I need to get my unsolved bug back :)