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Repo info
    Louis Gesbert
    let rec test x =
      test x
    Pavel Argentov
    anyone alive?
    i can’t install a thing in opam (on Sierra)
    ➜  ocaml-tutorial opam install utop
    The following actions will be performed:
      ∗  install cppo 1.1.2                       [required by utop]
      ∗  install utop 1.17
    ===== ∗  2 =====
    Do you want to continue ? [Y/n] Y
    =-=- Gathering sources =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    [cppo] Archive in cache
    [utop] Archive in cache
    =-=- Processing actions -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    [ERROR] The compilation of cppo failed at "make".
    Processing  1/2: [cppo: ocamlfind remove]
    #=== ERROR while installing cppo.1.1.2 ========================================#
    # opam-version 1.2.2
    # os           darwin
    # command      make
    # path         /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2
    # compiler     system (4.03.0)
    # exit-code    2
    # env-file     /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.env
    # stdout-file  /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.out
    # stderr-file  /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.err
    ### stdout ###
    # [...]
    # ocamlyacc cppo_parser.mly
    # ocamllex cppo_lexer.mll
    # 368 states, 13139 transitions, table size 54764 bytes
    # 3729 additional bytes used for bindings
    # ocamlopt -o cppo -dtypes unix.cmxa str.cmxa cppo_version.ml cppo_types.ml cppo_parser.mli cppo_parser.ml cppo_lexer.ml cppo_command.ml cppo_eval.ml cppo_main.ml
    # cd ocamlbuild_plugin && ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind ocamlbuild_cppo.cma ocamlbuild_cppo.cmxa ocamlbuild_cppo.a ocamlbuild_cppo.cmxs
    # ocamlfind ocamldep -package ocamlbuild -modules ocamlbuild_cppo.mli > ocamlbuild_cppo.mli.depends
    # + ocamlfind ocamldep -package ocamlbuild -modules ocamlbuild_cppo.mli > ocamlbuild_cppo.mli.depends
    # ocamlfind: Package `ocamlbuild' not found
    # Command exited with code 2.
    ### stderr ###
    # make: *** [ocamlbuild] Error 10
    =-=- Error report -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    The following actions were aborted
      ∗  install utop 1.17
    The following actions failed
      ∗  install cppo 1.1.2
    No changes have been performed
    any ideas?
    Pavel Argentov
    Solved this by running opam update && opam upgrade. Being installed with brew opan doesn’t have the up-to-date packages db out of the box.
    Sylvain Le Gall
    Is this channel an official channel to discuss OPAM ?
    Pavel Argentov
    Gitter search didn’t give me an alternative ;)
    Sylvain Le Gall
    I suppose the mailing list is a better way to get answer
    Pavel Argentov
    hi ppl. is there a way to do opam install of a specific github version of, say, core_kernel?
    Pavel Argentov
    found it (opam pin add), nevermind )
    i have a trouble
    I installed camlzip, but when I make opa, I always have no hints.
    Matthieu Sozeau
    Is there any resource describing how to make a single package with different build/sources depending on another package? In my example I have a Coq package which works with Coq 8.8 or 8.9 with different sources for the two versions.
    Maybe it should just work out-of-the-box using conditionals, but I wanted to check if this was an accepted usage
    Also, up-to now I was using +8.8 or +8.9 versions, but it seems the package manager should be able to handle this variability
    Matthieu Sozeau
    Given that the url field only takes a string not depending on a filter, I guess it's not possible