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Repo info
    Louis Gesbert
    let rec test x =
      test x
    Pavel Argentov
    anyone alive?
    i can’t install a thing in opam (on Sierra)
    ➜  ocaml-tutorial opam install utop
    The following actions will be performed:
      ∗  install cppo 1.1.2                       [required by utop]
      ∗  install utop 1.17
    ===== ∗  2 =====
    Do you want to continue ? [Y/n] Y
    =-=- Gathering sources =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    [cppo] Archive in cache
    [utop] Archive in cache
    =-=- Processing actions -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    [ERROR] The compilation of cppo failed at "make".
    Processing  1/2: [cppo: ocamlfind remove]
    #=== ERROR while installing cppo.1.1.2 ========================================#
    # opam-version 1.2.2
    # os           darwin
    # command      make
    # path         /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2
    # compiler     system (4.03.0)
    # exit-code    2
    # env-file     /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.env
    # stdout-file  /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.out
    # stderr-file  /Users/paul/.opam/system/build/cppo.1.1.2/cppo-20245-e7966f.err
    ### stdout ###
    # [...]
    # ocamlyacc cppo_parser.mly
    # ocamllex cppo_lexer.mll
    # 368 states, 13139 transitions, table size 54764 bytes
    # 3729 additional bytes used for bindings
    # ocamlopt -o cppo -dtypes unix.cmxa str.cmxa cppo_version.ml cppo_types.ml cppo_parser.mli cppo_parser.ml cppo_lexer.ml cppo_command.ml cppo_eval.ml cppo_main.ml
    # cd ocamlbuild_plugin && ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind ocamlbuild_cppo.cma ocamlbuild_cppo.cmxa ocamlbuild_cppo.a ocamlbuild_cppo.cmxs
    # ocamlfind ocamldep -package ocamlbuild -modules ocamlbuild_cppo.mli > ocamlbuild_cppo.mli.depends
    # + ocamlfind ocamldep -package ocamlbuild -modules ocamlbuild_cppo.mli > ocamlbuild_cppo.mli.depends
    # ocamlfind: Package `ocamlbuild' not found
    # Command exited with code 2.
    ### stderr ###
    # make: *** [ocamlbuild] Error 10
    =-=- Error report -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  🐫
    The following actions were aborted
      ∗  install utop 1.17
    The following actions failed
      ∗  install cppo 1.1.2
    No changes have been performed
    any ideas?
    Pavel Argentov
    Solved this by running opam update && opam upgrade. Being installed with brew opan doesn’t have the up-to-date packages db out of the box.
    Sylvain Le Gall
    Is this channel an official channel to discuss OPAM ?
    Pavel Argentov
    Gitter search didn’t give me an alternative ;)
    Sylvain Le Gall
    I suppose the mailing list is a better way to get answer
    Pavel Argentov
    hi ppl. is there a way to do opam install of a specific github version of, say, core_kernel?
    Pavel Argentov
    found it (opam pin add), nevermind )
    i have a trouble
    I installed camlzip, but when I make opa, I always have no hints.
    Matthieu Sozeau
    Is there any resource describing how to make a single package with different build/sources depending on another package? In my example I have a Coq package which works with Coq 8.8 or 8.9 with different sources for the two versions.
    Maybe it should just work out-of-the-box using conditionals, but I wanted to check if this was an accepted usage
    Also, up-to now I was using +8.8 or +8.9 versions, but it seems the package manager should be able to handle this variability
    Matthieu Sozeau
    Given that the url field only takes a string not depending on a filter, I guess it's not possible

    (very new to ocaml, but pretty frustrated) Hey guys, I'm trying to run a simple ocaml file through docker. I'm super confused why this is seemingly so complicated. I've tried

    FROM ocaml/opam2:latest
    RUN opam depext -i core ssl tls cohttp-lwt cohttp-lwt-unix
    COPY test_smoke.ml ./
    RUN ocamlc -o test_smoke test_smoke.ml && ./test_smoke

    but there is no ocamlc in the image? This was surprising to me. What' would be the equivalent of e.g.

    FROM rust:latest
    COPY . .
    RUN cargo run

    for rust

    I want to ask you a question, are JIT and AOT the characteristics of the VM language? I never encountered such a concept when I was learning C ++ and D
    Someone told me that the jvm language takes AOT when compiled into bytecode, and JIT when run in a virtual machine. Languages ​​like cpp directly generate executables, so it takes AOT
    is it right!
    Although this has nothing to do with the subject you discussed, I know you are all professionals
    OCaml for Windows
    intended to be used from within cygwin

    remove cygwin dep.

    msys2 could help here.

    really sorry. native(no msys2 req) would be better than msys2.

    I still can't build this. Sorry
    Kenneth Adam Miller
    Suppose I am migrating to a new version of ocaml, and I would like all my existing pinned packages to be repinned in the net switch. Is there something I could use that would quickly give me that?
    I think maybe it is a very smart choice to give up the windows platform.
    Kenneth Adam Miller
    Is it possible to publish to a site other than github?
    Like, say I have my own git server, gitlab or whatever, with a fork of opam-repository. I want to publish to that.
    (With opam publish I mean)