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    Jade Meskill
    @KenanTarikTufekci if you look for your meshblu.json you can either remove it or update it with a new token https://gateblu.readme.io/docs/windows
    @iamruinous Is that located in the Gateblu Service folder?
    (perhaps @redaphid can help me a bit with using my tentale message in a flow?)
    I am having issues every time i try to create a azure ML thing in my flow i get stuck in the following area
    Why does it never load?
    Moheeb Zara
    @KenanTarikTufekci what operating system are you on?
    oh nvm I see your past post
    can you paste in a log from gateblu?
    John Moody

    @KenanTarikTufekci right, you're using Windows. I've had similar issues running gateblu plug-ins on Windows. There is a hack that you can do to run the plugin outside of Gateblu:
    1) Download the plugin from https://github.com/octoblu/meshblu-ms-azure-ml I downloaded the ZIP file and extracted to c:\meshblu-plugins\mesblu-ms-azure-ml (I tried with the version that Gateblu downloaded but had no joy, therefore grab it directly from GitHub).
    2) Create a Generic Device in Octoblu, you'll find this under "Things". Call it something sensible "Azure ML" Grab the UUID and Token and put it in Notepad or similar.
    3) Create a meshblu.json in same directory as the index.js:
    "uuid": "<YOUR UUID>",
    "token": "<YOUR TOKEN>",
    "server": "meshblu.octoblu.com",
    "port": 443

    4) Now, your plugin has it's own meshblu.json, you can connect it directly to Octoblu.
    5) Open an Administrative CMD prompt, navigate to C:\meshblu-plugins\meshblu-ms-azure-ml
    6) run NPM Install - stuff will install
    7) run NPM Start - you should see something like "node command.js" displayed in the CMD prompt.
    8) Go to Octoblu and find your new Generic Thing "Azure ML" and you should now be able to configure as required.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Jade Meskill
    @/all We are consolidating our slack channels and other chats across the internet, please join the new octoblu-community slack at http://community-slack.octoblu.com. You will have access to the greater Octoblu community. For proprietary conversations, you can create private channels and invite only the people you’d like to have access. This also gives us a single place to share important announcements and issues.
    Michael Didow
    Do you guys know if there are premium features for Octoblu that we can pay for?
    Jade Meskill
    @MichaelDidow_twitter not at the moment. We've moved all our chats to
    http://community-slack.octoblu.com/. If there is something that you are interested in, I'm sure Chris would like to talk with you about it. You can email him at c@octoblu.com :)
    Hi All. It seems that Gateblu is depreciated and I was using it on Raspberry PI devices. Which connectors should I use to connect with Receiver, Blink 1 and Wemo on Raspberry PI 3 ? When I'm trying to download Blink1 connector for ARM there is an error "OOPS Unable to get latest installer release". What's more there are no ARM versions of Receiver and Wemo connectors. Please advise.
    Antonio Garcia
    hello to anyone that can assist.. how can i extract the value of the following to a compose object..
    "msg": [
    "from": [
    "value": {
    "status": "active",
    "text": "Do Not Call",
    "id": 3,
    "color": "DCEBD8"
    need to capture text value
    i tried msg.from.text no luck
    Havard Bruvold
    I´m trying to acces my triggers via Blue app on my iPhone. My issue is that I don´t see the triggers I´ve created via my Citrix Cloud account when logging in via the "Log in with Citrix" choice in the app. The triggers I see, is those created with accessing Octoblu directly with my Citrix Online account earlier. How do I log in to the Blue app to get access to the stuff created with my Citrix Cloud account?
    Chris Matthieu
    I don't believe that the Blu app supports Citrix auth yet. For the time being, you will need to create triggers in a different account to use Blu

    Can someone explain how to use this function code:

    return {
    payload: {
    bodyParams: {
    fields: {
    "key": "value"

    in Podio Add Item?

    Chris Matthieu
    @makoyguevara Just saw your message. Please join our community Slack channel - http://community-slack.octoblu.com/
    Måns Hurtigh
    Hi! Can someone please explain what the difference is of Gateblu and Meshblu-connector?
    hi everyone
    Chris Matthieu
    @manshurtigh_twitter Our original connectors were distributed as Gateblu plugins. Now they stand on their own as Meshblu-connectors. Gateblu is no longer supported.
    @Zine76 Hello
    Joao Victor Cordeiro Coutinho
    Is Tentacle working?
    Everytime I try to connect to its server (tentacle.octoblu.com) I get no response :'(
    SMS and email octoblu APIs are giving me unauthorized from within my flow.
    Is there an authentication step for this to work?
    Chris Matthieu
    @dgcaste Our SMS provider was having problems around that time. Could you try it again?
    Hello everyone, Does anyone have an example with Uber? Thanks