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@squiddev:matrix.org Hrmr, not sure actually.
Why is it so hard to start the emulator
Jonathan Coates
It's not too bad IIRC - it's just run love2d in the folder?
so... anyone able to get the emu working?
couldn't get it to work
and i noticed a mistake:
line 117 should be if _conf.compat_loadstringMask ~= nil then but instead it's if _conf.compat_loadstringMask ~= Ïnil then causing an unknown symbol error
so yeah
there's a little bug
Benedict Allen
the community and project are both kinda dead I'm afraid :/
Andrew Kvapil
@RatcheT2497_twitter Are you at Hack Košice by any chance?
Jonathan Coates
Whoah, viluon is still here too.
btw i just looked at the source code and saw what could be causing probs
it will restart the system if it can't draw a character
so if it can't get the file for the character
it restarts
and causes an infinite loop
@jojomoore2007 It's neat that you're trying to get it working, just keep in mind that you're pretty much on your own. :point_up: March 6, 2019 12:46 PM
Still, if you do manage to make it work, feel free to post a screenshot or something. It would be kind of cool to see it working after several years of inactivity.
João Victor
Hey what's up people
Who of you still exist here
Turns out I checked in last year
My memories of this are vague
I come back and check whenever I get an email about unread messages
also (since SquidDev is here right now), it's quite fun reading a post on /r/ProgrammingLanguages and then realizing it's about Amulet
Jonathan Coates
Ahh, you can blame hydraz for that!
What state is it in now? The last I had seen was the specification.
Jonathan Coates
Hrmr, that spec is incredibly old. It's basically a proto-haskell with ML syntax - type classes, GADTs, type families, etc...
We've got the beginnings of a module system, so currently trying to flesh that out - working towards incremental compilation and a prelude.
s/prelude/standard library/
The type system is Turing complete, of course.
Is that from type functions? Or something more complicated with functional dependencies or something?
Did it end up having row polymorphism/extensible records?
Jonathan Coates
Oh yes, we have extensible rows.
I think you can do it with both functional dependencies and type classes
hydraz has a a LC interpreter with type functions, and 3-queens with FD IIRC.
^ Type-level SK combinator calculus with functional dependencies
3 queens has no solutions and 4 queens times out :p
lambda calculus with type functions https://hydraz.semi.works/txt/type-lambda.ml.html
Jonathan Coates
Hrmr, I really want to replace the type function syntax with something closer to normal function.
feel free but it does need to have vectors of arguments
Jonathan Coates
That's very true, yeah.
Great, now spreading our discussion across three chat platforms ;)
Could you explain the "vectors of arguments" (and how that differs from normal function)?