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Repo info
@oklai Hey Ethan, can you confirm issue #378?
Hi, does anybody knows if there a way of disabling automatic processing of files for newly added folders?
Hello everyone
hello everyone
Anyone here used koala with an ide?
Rich Bodo
Is there some part of strongloop that generates a web interface generated for ACL creation?
It seems like almost everything is wrapped in a web UI except that.
All I see for ACLs is a very brief example of access control: https://github.com/strongloop/loopback-example-access-control
Mina Nielsen
Just had some trouble getting the Koala Debian package to run on Ubuntu 14.04. Needed to symlink 'libudev.so.0' - found instructions here https://askubuntu.com/questions/361651/missing-libudev-so-0
Anthony Trivisano
I know you are probably busy but I am unable to remove directories from Koala. Also, I uninstalled and re-installed, still had my directories... I use Windows 7 at work...
Scott Bedard
Hey guys, does anyone know how I can combine a collection of JS assets? Can't seem to figure it out
C├ęsar Gaete
Hello everybody
help, anyone here know or used Koala in Debian (8-Jessie)? I can't install. i did try with dpkg -i and nothing :/
Diego Cantor
Hello, I am trying to combine and minify css with koala. I am lost.

Hi guys ! I want to ask you a question. I've created following structure:
1.custom-style.css (main css file of web page)
2.custom-style.scss( scss file with "@import "sass_source/variables.scss";)

and I have folder called "sass_source" in this folder i have two files:

now in variable.scss I've created variable "$main-bg-color: #1a8dff;"
and I want to use it in global.scss
like this: body{
background: $main-bg-color;
but all i've got is an error "Error: Undefined variable: "$main-bg-color"."
why is that ?
Sagiruddin Mondal
Can anyone help me on how to configure the output directory externally ?
Kevin Williams
@dzunik91 did you ever get a answer to you Q?
Ashley Wilson
From the commit graph, it appears this project has been abandoned... Too bad, had a good thing going.
hello guys!
Suraj Mandal
hey guys!
anyone wants to further develop koala?
need jekyll compiler and a program which does not pop up every few minutes asking to buy key(im looking at you prepros)
Ziad El Khoury Hanna
Hey guys!
New version of Koala is up v2.1.0
If you find any issues let me know :smile:
Hey there !
v 2.1.0 crash here, with MacOS :(
is there a way to get previous version ?
by the way, thanks for the app, it's helpfull !
Ok, just saw the github issue :P