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Repo info
    Bogdan Bartis
    Does it work with Elementary OS Luna?
    Oktay Acikalin
    At least it should. Haven't used Luna for a long time now. On Freya it works fine.
    Any motivations to get this working w newer GTK apps (i.e: gedit, nautilus)? Desktop files are no longer honoring env dark theme variant requests. Your script works well with legacy GTK apps, but now my frustrations have moved onto the newer ones
    Oktay Acikalin
    @nikolowry I doubt that that would be so easy or possible (this way). AFAIK they are using client side decorations dictated by the app themselves.
    Do you think people would use that? As a father of two babies I've very limited time on working on this rather complicated stuff. Perhaps we want to create an issue on github and tag it as "help wanted"?
    @theblacklion my strongpoit is js - so I was going to study the theme switcher source code from the GTK Inspector (ctrl+shift+d in gtk3 apps. then Visual > GTK theme) and see if I couldn't port it and your python code to GJS. If Gobject-introspection doesn't work on app themes via gjs - I was then going to try and extend your python code.
    my strong point*
    Oktay Acikalin
    @nikolowry would be great if you'ld try to find a way :). When you have a concept, I'll be happy helping you extending the python code.
    Tanel Tammik
    hello, one question. perhaps a stupid one. how do i use this theme switcher?
    Antony Bash
    This utility have little problem now.
    1. When I hover Close or Maximize button we see pressed button & border. On terminal when I hover I see more light color of button.
    2. Minimize & maximize buttons now is more large. Is this possible to fix?
    Added issues about it theblacklion/gtk-theme-variant-switcher#10
    Oktay Acikalin
    @keevitaja Have you tried the manual provided on the project homepage? Perhaps you could be more specific of what problem you had. Thanks!
    @anatooly left you a comment in the issue. Thanks!