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    i'm hesitant to jump on it officially until i can figure out how to build the app lol
    Mirek Mazel
    absolutely, I understand :)
    hi! any hint about building / required API levels?
    I just cloned and run gradle built but it failed with "Error: android:windowLightStatusBar requires API level 23 (current min is 15) [NewApi]" (and a couple more)
    (I'm not proficient android dev so will most likely require some digging in)
    @.wojtek_gitlab hi :)
    hm... I'll take a quick look at it
    as a quick workaround, you can try increasing the min. API in the gradle file to 23
    @.wojtek_gitlab I updated the project a bit
    try it now and let me know if it works for you
    what device are you building on, btw?
    Currently I'm using OnePlus3 with ResurrectionRemix 7 / Android Pie, but I'm considering downgrading to Nougat (was working better for me, especially with microG)
    it's downloading half the internet.. fingers crossed it will work :-)

    it failed in console:

    wojtek@atlantiscity.local ~/dev/_other/android/om $ ./gradlew build
    > Task :app:lint FAILED
    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
    * What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ':app:lint'.
    > Lint found errors in the project; aborting build.
      Fix the issues identified by lint, or add the following to your build script to proceed with errors:
      android {
          lintOptions {
              abortOnError false
      Errors found:
      /Users/wojtek/dev/_other/android/om/app: Error: Unexpected failure during lint analysis (this is a bug in lint or one of the libraries it depends on)
      Message: buildOutput.apkData must not be null
      Stack: IllegalStateException:EarlySyncBuildOutput$Companion$load$2.invoke(EarlySyncBuildOutput.kt:103)←EarlySyncBuildOutput$Companion$load$2.invoke(EarlySyncBuildOutput.kt:67)←TransformingSequence$iterator$1.next(Sequences.kt:174)←SequencesKt___SequencesKt.toCollection(_Sequences.kt:691)←SequencesKt___SequencesKt.toMutableList(_Sequences.kt:721)←SequencesKt___SequencesKt.toList(_Sequences.kt:712)←EarlySyncBuildOutput$Companion.load(EarlySyncBuildOutput.kt:108)←EarlySyncBuildOutput$Companion.load(EarlySyncBuildOutput.kt:77)
      You can set environment variable LINT_PRINT_STACKTRACE=true to dump a full stacktrace to stdout. [LintError]

    but works in android studio so I'm good to go I think :-)

    let's start tinkering! :-)
    @.wojtek_gitlab hm... can't tell what the error could be from the output, and I don't really have the time right now to research it in depth
    are you using the latest Android Studio with the Kotlin plugin downloaded?
    This is from console. It works in Android Studio without problem :-)
    @.wojtek_gitlab Oh. I've only ever compiled in Android Studio -- it's probably best to use that then. :)
    Luke Mahan
    Hello, is this project still active? It's a meditation app basically? I have experience guiding meditation and would be happy to contribute
    hey @LukeMahan7_twitter
    I haven't worked on the project for a while, but I'd love to come back to it
    something I'd like to have in the app is a series of guided mediations from absolute beginner to advanced
    I personally don't have experience guiding mediations, so if you'd like to help write the script of these mediations, I'd really like that
    does that sound like something you'd like to help with? also, if you'd like to contribute in any other way, let me know :)
    I'm new to meditation. And like many other people, the first thing I did when decided to practice was to look for helpful apps. According to online pharmacy sites, antidepressants and painkillers have many side effects. In my opinion, it is much better to meditate. I should say, Om turned out to be very useful. Thanks.

    hi @XelaAl
    thanks for reaching out — I'm really glad Om was helpful to you!

    if you're struggling with anxiety or depression, I also recommend the book The Happiness Trap — it helped me personally quite a bit

    since Om is not being actively maintained, if you wanted to look at alternatives, I recommend Waking Up: Guided Meditation — it's the best experience I've had with a meditation app, though unfortunately it does require an account; some of the meditations are free, some are paid, but if you can't afford to pay for the paid ones, you can message them and they will open up the paid meditations for you for free

    (there is another app called Medito, which is an interesting communiy effort, but I haven't found that as useful personally and also strongly disagree with their choice of a non-free license for the meditations)