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    Levente Mészáros
    You should also do a callInitialize() in the module. The automatic static configuration will not work for dynamic modules though.
    Thank you @levy, I am sure this resolve the problem of the static configuration but the previous error of visualizer appears again when I add the callInitialize().
    Please help, I can't find a solution to the visualizer. I am using IntegratedVisualizer module which is composed of IntegratedCanvasVisualizer and IntegratedOsgVisualizer. When I call the callInitialize() I got an error that it cannot create medium visualization of the radio module of the dynamic module that I create because network node visualization is not found for this dynamic module.
    I have noticed that the callInitialize() function works fine. Until stage 1, it finds the network node visualizer (stage 0 and stage 1), but it crashes on stage 2.
    Levente Mészáros
    @bbouchra28 could you please take a look at the last two patches in the INET master branch: c3448d3c218fab6cd8b12c7e15a20bffd01d7466 and 01005addd3bda856e85a7cda291ea1527bb782a8
    they should fix the network node visualization for dynamic modules
    if you are creating the dynamic modules on your own, then you should add the PRE and POST signals as it's done in the ScenarioManager in the first patch
    some other visualizations may not work for dynamic modules, please report back if you have any issues
    I did what you suggest, but I got the same error. for the first patch you mean 08e8413b5b118ccb542f80194263551bef2ae2a6 and not c3448d3c218fab6cd8b12c7e15a20bffd01d7466
    Sorry, it works. I forget to add something.
    Many thanks
    Busi Reddy
    Has anyone worked on Hierarchical Adhoc protocols. Like running a backbone protocol and on top of that running another protocol.
    Ryan E L

    Hi, I got an issue. I have two eNB and 22 mobile nodes (ue1-ue22) with video-stream apps and handover mechanism. Handover is success but the packets just send to ue1. How to send the packets to all nodes? What code I should to change?

    .ue*.macCellId = 1 .ue.masterId = 1
    [Config Video-Stream]
    .ue.numUdpApps = 1 .server.numUdpApps = 1


    .ue.udpApp[0].typename = "UDPVideoStreamCli"
    .ue.udpApp[0].serverAddress = "server"
    .ue.udpApp[0].startTime = 0.01s
    .ue.udpApp[0].serverPort = 801


    .server.udpApp[].typename = "UDPVideoStreamSvr"
    .server.udpApp[].sendInterval = 1s
    .server.udpApp[].packetLen = 50kB
    .server.udpApp[].videoSize = 1000MB
    .server.udpApp[].localPort = 801

    Hello`s my first time here and i got a question...i downloaded OMNet ++ 5.5 for MAC IOS but i have Mojave 10.14.5...would work?
    Rudolf Hornig
    @antonio-cl Yes, it should. If something is wrong, you should report it as it is a bug.
    @rhornig thanks!...i´m going to try ...cause i need to simulate a ISP network with DHCP and DNS
    Hi there! Does anyone know of a way, to let a node compute in Haskell and not in C++? I have Haskell code, that is formally verified, which I'd like to keep as Haskell code.
    So: can I somehow start my Haskell functions of my node from the OMNet platform?
    Hans Petter Taugbøl Kragset
    Hey, just came here to say that i get a 504 Gateway timeout error when trying the download link on this page:
    Ishu Sharma
    Hey, how background noise can be added for half network or few nodes . Basically i want to implement that chooses path without much background noise other routes should be discarded.
    Rudolf Hornig
    @hptk Those files are hosted on IPFS behind a HTTP proxy (cloudflare). It can happen that the gateway's cache is emptied and it must re-fetch the file from the IPFS. You should keep trying the download. After a while it will work. (right now it is working from here.).
    Ryan E L
    Hi!I want to add some nodes in simuLTE. Can I duplicate (copy and paste) in NED file?
    Ryan E L
    Hello! Can you help me how many "packetLength" for video streaming HD 720?
    Hi, I'm implementing QUIC for omnet/inet. Currently I'm using the StandardHost with a module named QuicApps as application. Inside this QuicApps module there is my Quic as simple module connected to one or more quicApps (one simple module in my example). That works, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to integrate a transport protocol that uses UDP encapsulation.
    From bottom to top, this is my setup
    StandardHost: ppp --- ipv4 --- udp --- QuicApps
    QuicApps: quic --- quicapp
    quicapp is in my setup a simple module named QuicClient or QuicServer
    Levente Mészáros
    @msvoelker you could put QUIC protocol in the transport layer and connect it to the MessageDispatchers above and below
    packets would go from the bottom of QUIC to the top of the UDP module and vice versa
    the app could simply go into the apps submodule as any other app
    SCTP also allows using UDP instead of directly relying on IP
    so it has the same problem

    SCTP also allows using UDP instead of directly relying on IP

    That's a good point. I will have a look at it. Thanks.

    Ryan E L
    Hello! How to record jitter? I am doing a video streaming simulation, but the simulation just record end-to-end delay.

    @statisticendToEndDelay"; unit=s; record=histogram,vector; interpolationmode=none);

    Can you help me to understand what is 'source=...' and 'record=...' please?

    Abiodun Akinwale
    Dear all,
    I am new to omnet++. I need to modify existing csma/ca, aodv, adhoc tcp and http protocols to enable me achieve the aim of my project.
    First, I need to simulate the current protocols without attack
    2nd, I will simulate all the current protocols with Jamming, MAC Flooding, Blackhole, SYN Flooding and DDoS attacks.
    3rd, i will simulate the modified protocols in the presence of all the named attacks.
    Can anyone give a step-by-step guide pls?
    Meanwhile, I have done the following:
    1, Omnet++ 5.5.1 already installed
    1. INET projects have been loaded.
    2. Also, I tried running the complete AODV first (AODV .ini file is in /examples folder while the .ned files are in /routing folder)
      So I could not successfully run. Morever, can I delete unwanted sections in .ini?
      All helps will be welcomed.
    Amos Bird
    Hello, it seems to be a low volume channel
    Hi, is someone using SUMO 1.1 or above for visualization? If yes, were you able to get the "bending while cornering" function working using guiShape parameter?
    Hello everybody...a few months ago I asked you about OMNet++ and your answers was great. Today I have got another question...I need to capture images from RTL-SDR to analize them...and I am not able to do that...someone who can assist me? (This is my second time here in Gitter...patience plz!)
    i'm working on a sdn project and i have to implement it on omnet++, i'm working on control plane saturation attack and i use inet frame work and openflow framework from wuerzburg. can any one help me to know how to simulate a simple syn flood attack in omnet? i don't have much time and i should simulate my thesis till next month, i really could use some help.
    hi all
    how are you?
    am working on thesis project to show the impact of security in the LTE network using omnet
    am not able to find any tools to generate the attack
    please if any one could help me
    Alexandre Rocha

    Hello guys, I'm implementing handover in this scenario of coexistence between wizi and zigbee (link below), but the AP works in a scalar way and in this scenario the type of radio is dimensional. Can someone help me to adapt the scalar to the dimensional? is that possible? thank you if you can help me

    Hi guys, I am somewhat scaptical about how I can use dynamic module creation? where should I put the code for creating the mosules?
    what is the alternate for ipv4datagram in inet 4.0? Pl. help.
    hi everyone, i am using omnetpp-5.5.1 and i get an error when i do "scavetool scalar -p "module(name) AND name(\"hopDistanceFromSource_:stats:mean\")" -O output.csv result-*.sca " saying scalar not found. seems like there is been a huge in scave i couldn't find a workaround for, can anyone help me ?

    Hello guys,

    Need some help in OMNET++
    I am new to the networking field and started working with Omnet++ simulator(Version-5.6.1). In order to get a brief overview, I started working with the INET framework(Version 4.2). I have downloaded this framework from Github and imported into omnet++. Then, I started to build it and it's been successful. But when I run it, I got a few errors. The following is the error

    "<!> Error: Cannot load library '../../../src//libinet4.dll': The specified procedure could not be found"


    Simulation terminated with exit code: 1
    Working directory: C:/OmnetFolder/omnetpp-5.5.1/samples/inet4/showcases/mobility/basic
    Command line: ../../../../../bin/opp_run.exe -m -u Qtenv -n ../../../src;../../../examples;../../../tutorials;../.. --image-path=../../../images -l ../../../src/inet4 omnetpp.ini

    Environment variables:
    PATH=;C:/OmnetFolder/omnetpp-5.5.1/samples/inet4/src;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\mingw64\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\usr\bin;;C:/OmnetFolder/omnetpp-5.5.1/ide/jre/bin/server;C:/OmnetFolder/omnetpp-5.5.1/ide/jre/bin;C:/OmnetFolder/omnetpp-5.5.1/ide/jre/lib/amd64;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-12.0.2\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\WINDOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\WINDOWS\System32\OpenSSH\;C:\Program Files\dotnet\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Client SDK\ODBC\170\Tools\Binn\;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\samples\inet4\src;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\mingw64\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\usr\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\ide\jre\bin\server;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\ide\jre\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\ide\jre\lib\amd64;C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2019.2.1\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\usr\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\ide;OMNETPP_IMAGE_PATH=C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\images;C:\Users\chsam\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps;C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2019.2.1\bin;;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\usr\bin;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\tools\win64\mingw64\bin;C:\Windows\System32;;C:\OmnetFolder\omnetpp-5.5.1\ide;

    I tried few solutions in Windows and those are as follows:
    1) Linked the INET library to the OMNeT++ library folder-----> Failed
    2) In INET properties, changed the Target type to Executable------> Failed
    3) In INET properties, enabled the Force compiling object files for use in DLLs in compile section. Also, changed the target name to default:inet4 instead of the specified name------> Failed
    4) Tried it on Linux platform as well-----> Failed
    5) Installed INET from Omnet++ Help------> Failed
    6) Installed INET during Omnet startup-------> Failed
    7) Installed winpcap but no use ----> Failed

    Can anyone help to resolve this issue? It's been so long I have been working with this, yet I was not successful in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards