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Jul 2016
Jul 20 2016 02:58
ok, how about this? java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: scalaz.Free$.point(Lscala/Function0;)Lscalaz/Free;
Gastón Tonietti
Jul 20 2016 03:35
@mmynsted looks like you have a binary incompatibility with Scalaz. Which version of Scalaz is your project using? If you’re using 7.2.x you should use a version of knobs ending with a, the latest one seems to be 3.8.1a, if you are using Scalaz 7.1.x use a regular knobs version like 3.8.1
Jul 20 2016 22:04
@ktonga Thank you I will try that
I do not suppose anybody know of a tool to convert XML to knobs cfg format?
wishful thinking, I know
It is one of those times where you wonder if it would be quicker to write a parser or convert the files manually
Jul 20 2016 22:11
so it is not possible to join mutable configurations, only immutable ones right?
I need to create something like a view of several mutable configurations joined together.