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Hi! Big thanks to everyone who likes my project.
I'm working on finishing unit tests before making v 1.0
.. then on to the next version: I am altering the API, but not by much: properties will be public member variables and setters won't have the word 'Set'.
So pdf.SetX(5) will become pdf.X(5)
And to read the property? - pdf.Val.X (just thinking about it for now. I do hope someone responds with what they think about these planned changes)
Anton Medvedev
Get/Set more traditional
From reading some Go materials: GetProp() is not the Go way, the getter should just be called Prop() and the setter SetProp().
I'm suggesting getting rid of the 'Set' in SetProp(), since we're setting properties almost all the time, and get only occasionally. Then the code is shorter to write and read: pdf.XY(1, 5).Color("red").Text("Hello")
I think we can break some traditions, provided we think about it well


I have a PDF file where page numbers are sequential and single page...

I want to convert them to booklet form.

current page number 1, 2, 3, 4.....each page in single sheet or front and back can be printed as sequential

expected: 2 sides in each side and 4 sides in single sheet
last page 1 -> 1st sheet front side
second last page -> 1st sheet back side

Please kindly help me which open source software does this...

Thank you


Normal PDF to Booklet PDF and vice versa

I am looking for the following

Normal Sequential Page PDF: Assume a PDF has 51 or 50 or 53 pages sequentially. Wanted to print in booklet format. Either in single or duplex - backtoback via duplex or non-duplex printer

Booklet PDF: Assume a PDF is in booklet format. Now i want to print them sequentially page by page in each sheet.

Which open source or commercial software which will be best suitable for the above?


need a good print preview for booklet printing where we can zoom and see the issues before printing instead of preview is moved to a different file or a view...can we do this in one-file-pdf?
Hi @prog20901, my apologies for not replying for so long! I've not been making many changes to this project since it works for me. Now to your requirements, one-file-pdf is a PDF-generation library, not a PDF rendering one, so it can not be used to preview PDFs. One library for preview that comes to mind is SumatraPDF reader https://github.com/sumatrapdfreader/sumatrapdf. But note that it's written in C++. You write me on balarabe@protonmail.com any time