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    Tamás Koczka
    No, it just does not run the generated code. More info here: https://github.com/koczkatamas/onelang/wiki/Compiler-backend
    I understand that, but I don't want to install it ony my machine, I thought this page is the the app, which will have everything on there own server.
    Hosted via onelang.io
    Tamás Koczka
    well, it would cost for me to host servers with compiler services, there is no intention for me to do that, you can run the compiler backend on your machine directly and use the website
    ok, understood. Thought that this will do the job. It wa confusing me, beacuse I thought it is an online service.
    aurel co
    Hi everybody
    I'm running backend with docker it's ok but when i put the server parameter(?server= i've got an error "typeError: Network Error when attempting ressource on each frame of langages
    I give my authentification token at the first loading
    Where i'm wrong ?
    Tamás Koczka
    @aurelco3_twitter what is your OS (Linux / macOS)? what commands did you use to launch the container? is available from your terminal (e.g. nc -vvv 11111)?
    aurel co
    I run this command
    touch .secret_token && docker run -a stdin -a stdout -p -p -i -v $(pwd)/.secret_token:/one/.secret_token --restart unless-stopped -t onelang/compilerbackend
    and this one
    $ nc -vvv 11111
    Connection to 11111 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
    Nathanael Coonrod
    Hi there! Great job on this project! Which branch should be used for further development? master or stdlib?
    only the lines in TypeScript are getting converted not like if we want to convert from python to other its not working ?
    how to change python to other languages....?
    Wale Lamina
    Wale Lamina
    Phil Andrew
    solidity smart contract language would be nice
    Phil Andrew
    by the way this is a nice thing
    Muhammad Bilal Mohib-ul-Nabi
    great language I hope it will have a great future.
    I wish I can contribute to such an amazing project.
    Hello, is it possible to translate PHP to Python? The cross-language section show only 4 languages
    Vanshika Raj Sharma

    def replace(good,bad,name):
    file = open(name)
    contents = file.read()
    contents = contents[:-4]
    bad_keys = list(bad.keys())
    bad_keys.sort(key = lambda x:len(x),reverse=True)
    good_keys = list(good.keys())
    good_keys.sort(key=lambda x: len(x), reverse=True)
    for i in bad_keys:
    if i in contents:
    for k in good_keys:
    if good[k] == bad[i] and len(i.split()) == len(k.split()):
    contents = contents.replace(i,k)

    def file_score(good,bad,name):
    bad_score = 0
    good_score = 0
    file = open(name)
    for i in sorted(bad.keys()):
    if i in file.read():
    bad_score += bad[i](file.read()).count(i)
    for i in sorted(good.keys()):
    if i in file.read():
    good_score += good[i]
    if bad_score > good_score:
    bad = {'bad': 5, 'worse': 3, 'worst': 6, 'very bad': 5, 'bad luck': 7, 'bad mood': 6}
    good = {'great': 6, 'good': 5, 'nice': 3, 'very good': 5, 'very great': 7, 'good mood': 6}
    name = input()

    can nyone convert this python code to c++
    Vikas Narwariya
    can anyone convert in react
    i interesting about dapp, what lang should i learn more than solidity
    how i can get news about coding ?
    Lauri Ojansivu
    @badrserhani https://dev.to
    Lauri Ojansivu
    @vanshika2901 You could try to convert it to https://nim-lang.org that is similar to Python and Nim can convert to some programming languages
    hello world
    Lauri Ojansivu
    Hi @johnese11111 😀
    Gaurav Baghel
    how do I pick language of my choice in cross language editing mode! I code in java but there isn't any option for it.
    Lauri Ojansivu
    @gaurav-baghel Did you install all those programming languages locally on your computer so Java is enabled?
    "Note: Compiler backend is not configured"
    Lauri Ojansivu
    I see this message on ide webpage, because I too have not installed backend compilers to my laptop yet
    Previously when I tested onelang, it did work after installing backend compilers
    Install info is at github repo
    or should be
    Previously when I tested onelang, I made many changes to my fork to get everything running locally, but I have not tested newest version yet
    im a back-end developer i need a front-end developer everybody who know front-end developing send message in telegram for me hi_alij
    everybody now how to work with onelang
    Aditya Anand
    hey i know machine learning, is someone here to want some projects or any work done for some stipend??
    1 reply