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    Tautrimas Pajarskas
    Is ElasticsearchBundle compatilbe for the big part with ES 1.x?
    Simonas Šerlinskas
    from 1.0 version it supports 2.0 elasticsearch
    but for the big part it should work fine with 1.x
    Tautrimas Pajarskas
    @saimaz I had to add forward-port FilteredQuery from 0.x, but otherwise it works fine
    Nick van der Zwet
    Is it possible for ongr_filter_manager to search in multiple types (for example news, blog type).. The configuration requires only one type "repository: 'es.manager.search.page'" ?
    Alfred Bez
    Hi there, I tried to install the testing-vm but it seems like 'public' is a broken submodule. Does anyone know the correct url for the 'public' submodule?
    Simonas Šerlinskas
    Hi @alfredbez , testing-vm is so unstable due third party constant package changes :(
    I can recommend to try out our side project
    sorry the instructions are in lithuanian, but for now please use just google translate, it's only few steps to install and prepare
    but it works very well
    let me know if you have any issue or question about this
    Alfred Bez
    ok, I'll try this one, thanks
    Simonas Šerlinskas
    the preffered way would be to create an issue in that repository
    Swapnil Pathak
    Can I use ONGR Bundles with symfony 3 version?
    Tautrimas Pajarskas
    @saimaz we have interesting recurring problem: Warning: fopen(/srv/project/var/cache/dev/ongr/elasticsearch/98/5b5b435d41707042756e646c655c456e746974795c50726f76696465725d5b315d.ongr.data): failed to open stream: No such file or directory. Did you encounter it? It seems to be related with this crazy macOS Sierra NFS issue, but might be not: mitchellh/vagrant#8061
    Tobias Schönberg
    What does the "something" refer to in $manager->getRepository('something')?
    Tobias Schönberg
    Found it myself. I think that the naming of the method is kind of unintuitive. The documentation could go into more detail what it is used for.
    Tobias Schönberg
    Does anyone have issues with tokenizer, filter, analyzer not being used by the search? Perhaps the MangerFactory.createManager function should catch misconfigurations better
    Karim Miladi
    any news about "copy_to" please ?
    REF: ElasticsearchDSL - Is there any way to saved the toArray output to the database and then rehydrate it back into the ES-DSL Objects?

    I wonder if someone can help me with this, I'm new to Elasticsearch but I'm working with an product that has elasticsearchDSL build in.

    I have this mapping available to me:

    "rule" : {
                        "properties" : {
                           "from" : {
                            "type" : "long"
                          "price" : {
                            "type" : "long"

    So it would look like this:

      { "from": 0.0,  "price": 1.00 },
      { "from": 50.0, "price": 0.75 },
      { "from": 100.0, "price": 0.50 }

    Can I filter based on closest from that is below an number?

    So for example if I have a from 75.0, I should get the rule of from 50.0

    Marcos Lois Bermúdez
    Hi, I'm using ONGR Bundle, and want to send to ES a category tree, the Category document has a a field that is a array of Categories, but seems imposible to me to map this with annotations, if I annotate the field as Nested, infinite loop emerges in DocumentParser, when try to map as text that worked for my in ONGR 6.x, now I get this error: {"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"Can't get text on a START_OBJECT at 1:19"}, is any form to create a mapping of a object that has nested objects of the same type?
    1 reply
    Islam Khandurdyiev

    @saimaz hello! Can u please release new version of

    Need new tag v6.2.1 with renaming of MaxAggregation.php class