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Jul 2014
Jul 21 2014 20:01
@elia i'm curious, really great to see that you added some external lib support and documentation to opal-cdn. but, on the curiosity front, it appears that you added them to here: -- why not have a master folder that these are in to support the accompanying master branch and then have them tagged also to support versions? will this present a compatibility problem when pulling opal from master vs current?
further, should this also not contain a .min.js and a .min.js.gz like unto the other primary opal libs within
Elia Schito
Jul 21 2014 21:25
@ylluminate you’re right on every front, that was a kind of experiment done in spare time
A better and automatic workflow is necessary to have all that stuff and keep it up-to-date
also there’s another issue, currently the bower package for opal points to the cdn repo which ideally contains historical builds and version which is –at least– suboptimal
Jul 21 2014 23:37
gotcha, thanks. wasn't sure your intention there